PAUL USHER​ releases new music – ‘TIME DON’T HEAL’

‘Regret dressed up to the nines’ is how Paul describes his blistering new single. ‘Time Don’t Heal’ is an acerbic yet soulful heartbreak bop – a lovechild of

Paul’s Childish Gambino and Elton John influences.

The wonderful Wes Anderson aesthetic of Swann Street’s ‘Sammy’s’ is the setting of Paul’s ‘Time Don’t Heal’ music video. Original seventies wallpaper of luminous yellow, iconic of-the-time artwork, vintage glassware (and softcore porn magazines) adorn this unique cocktail bar of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It creates a stunning landscape to equal Paul’s creativity which allows him and the storyline to unravel in an artistic wonderland.

‘How could a second hand grant me a second chance? Do you really think in that way?’ Paul poses on the opening line. There’s a dichotomy between the lush harmony, upbeat 70’s sounding R&B rhodes riff and the broodingly dark lyrics ‘loaded gun chambers emptied and filled up again’. ​‘I love that,’ Paul says ​‘I feel that’s a reflection of life; it’s always pulling you in two different directions at once.’

Trying to film a music in a pandemic was difficult but social distancing measures forced creativity. The central character is cast as a lone eccentric customer of a cafe, emotionally unravelling seemingly unaware of the only other patron (played by Ciara Tansey) as he dances with his demons. It is filmed entirely on an iPhone 11.

With faux-fur coat, love-heart sunglasses, sequin jackets, water pistols, sand timers, whiskey shots and ticking clocks the video is a smorgasbord of symbolism and art which makes you want to Pinterest every item on screen. Paul has directed, produced, edited and styled the video himself which makes it all the more a tour-de-force.

‘Sometimes a heart breaks so badly that the landscape of your life is forever altered. There is more power in admitting that a cataclysmic event has taken place which has changed you rather than repeating cliches to oneself to numb the pain. Honour it, see the beauty in it and the wisdom that it brings. I’ve always been known for being honest, brutally so at times, and these lyrics are no different. I find truth sexy.’

‘The aim of life isn’t to make it from the cradle to the grave unscathed. If you fully engage with life you’re sure to have scars to show for it. Bravado and aloofness is everywhere nowadays especially on the dating scene. I’ve experienced love and even tenderness; no wonder one would feel mournful when that came to an end. Perhaps time won’t heal those wounds and that’s fine – I’ll own them.’