Online Dating Tips For Women: Should You Date Short Men?

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On the internet, women make snap decisions. You only have a few seconds between swipes to create a positive image. Then, if she does click on your account, you must present yourself in the best possible light. Short men are well aware that being tall, beautiful, and well-built are desirable attributes in a mate. As a result, it’s natural to feel nervous while addressing a woman.

Many people are content to date a man irrespective of his height, but for others, being small is a deal-breaker when it comes to dating. The idea is to go for people with whom you can get along, and many individuals wouldn’t mind being half as tall as you imagine.

  • Online Dating Tips For Dating Short Men

It is crucial to comprehend that while looking for a companion, the height difference is a significant consideration. Of Course, better height has always been associated with dominance, power, and confidence in this regard; the tall-guy factor can affect many people.

Many women want to date men who are significantly taller than themselves, ignoring other important factors such as character, chemistry, etc. matchmaker los angeles will help in finding the perfect match. They will act as a middleman and make the introduction less awkward, so this can be an ideal option that you can go for.

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On the other hand, dating a short guy is merely a matter of practicality, and it can make a woman feel insecure. So, you only have seconds to capture a man’s interest and persuade her to click to learn more about you.

Avoid The Filter

When trying to date online, don’t filter out men depending on their height. There are chances you may miss someone perfect for you. You may miss someone who has common interests. Hence, spend some time exploring your feeling and try to change your thoughts while dating short men.

Don’t Make Up Your Height On The Internet

Don’t lie about your height if anybody asks. It is something that will constantly come back to haunt you. You may round off to the closest inch at most, but not beyond that. Do you honestly believe she won’t realize that you stated you were six feet tall and then showed up shrunken?

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Furthermore, lying about things causes a trust problem and makes you appear anxious about something on which you have no reason to be uncomfortable. That’s who you are, and you will draw the right individual.

Don’t Worry About The Narrow Brains:

There will be some ladies who won’t give you a second glance since you are an inch short of what they claim they want. Any rejection is painful, but consider this: Is it seriously that big of a deal if she won’t meet you because you’re 5’9′′ rather than 5’10′′? Whether you’re short, tall, slim, or anywhere in between, you’ll only need some excellent profile that shows you are a confident personality. Doing so will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Maintain A Good Posture

Regarding dating advice for short men, never overlook the importance of good posture. Some even suggest that correct posture can increase your height by two inches. Whether or not that is correct, great posture may make you appear somewhat taller and more powerful, which is critical in terms of impressing women.

Consider how you use your body in various ways. At the very least, especially if you’re short, you don’t need to become one of those men who slouch. Also, women must not wear high heels while going on a date. It is better not to make him feel insecure about his height.

Take The Lead

What exactly does this imply? You’ll be far on your way to overcoming any disadvantages you may have if you can manage to lead on a date. When you’re on a date, you must:

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Don’t commit the mistake of keeping the door open and allowing her to select where she wants to go. While you should inquire about her hobbies (favorite meals, etc. ), it is your responsibility to choose a place you believe she would enjoy and then persuade her to visit. Offer a strategy for the next meeting (assuming you’re enthusiastic) before the date ends. Consider a few options ahead of time.

Then, when you’re out on the date, ask about her concerns to obtain any more information you’ll need to figure out what other places or activities she could enjoy.

Create A Sense Of Presence

It is necessary to concentrate on creating a sense of presence. You must not focus on his height. There are other things to consider as one cannot build a relationship based on a person’s height but consider the personality too. Presence is your ability to demand people’s attention. It’s a technique for getting people to focus on you rather than the distractions around them.

Another stumbling block is when you try to justify your decision or obsess over finding the correct words. If you and your guy are happy, you must give him credit and not be concerned about his height.


5’10“ is the height that most women seek in a relationship. Unfortunately, many great guys don’t quite match up in terms of their height. Keep in mind that height isn’t everything. Being short can be utterly irrelevant in relationships if you learn to emphasize other qualities of yourself.

If you are considering going on a date with a short guy. It is necessary to clear your thoughts and try not to make things awkward on a first date. Ensure to find topics on which you both can talk and laugh together.