Ondre Glasco by Ricardo Muniz

Ondre Glasco Smart Models by Ricardo Muniz 06

Model: Ondre Glasco
Instagram: @ondreglasco
Photographer:Ricardo Muñiz
Instagram: @coquichuloimages and @chulounderwear
white tank, Hanes
gray jeans, Guess
brown hoodie, CHULO Underwear
white sneakers, Zara
red underwear, CHULO Underwear
tan undies, H & M
red hoodie, CHULO Underwear
Ondre Glasco is a mix of Guyanese beauty on his mother’s side and Trinidadian industriousness on his father’s. This is why he can work three jobs and still have a stunning smile all the while. Threes also run in his dreams as he’s pursuing a career as an actor, model and personal trainer. You can book him through Smart Models.
These powerful shots showcasing his engaging smile, strong features, and carved abs were taken by Puerto Rican photographer and social justice activist, Ricardo Muñiz.