„Men Revealed“ by Markus Brehm Photography

The photos are inspired by various interpretations of male exposures – to the elements of nature, flavours, daily stress, exposing and revealing themselves in everyday situations.
Svety, an Australian model, was photographed taking a bath full of rose petals.

Spanish fitness model, Elso Matos, exposed his muscular body to the waves of the ocean.

UK-based model, Marc Antony is undressing himself at the end of a long day in the office – feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Model and MMA Fighter, Jay Lev, rips off his shirt, revealing a body covered with tattooes.

Cover model Phil Bruce enjoys the scent and flavours of grapes and wine….exposed to temptation and desire.

Fashion Credits:
Model Marc Antony (Instagram @yy1zz1)
Image 1 Business- Suit by Tiger of Sweden; Shirt by Hawes & Curtis; Tie by Jeff Bank Studio; Silk Square by Tiger of Sweden
Image 2 Exposing- Shirt by Hawes & Curtis
Image 3- At the end of the day- Underwear by Armani;Shirt by Hawes & Curtis;Suit by Tiger of Sweden; Tie by Jeff Bank Studio; Silk Square by Tiger of Sweden
Model Elso Matos (Instagram @elsomatos)
All Images: Underwear by Addicted; Denim jeans by Levis; white shirt unknown brand
Model Jay Lev (Instagram @jay_lev_88)
All Images:  Underwear by Calvin Klein; blue shirt unknown brand
Model Svety (Instagram @the_svetman)
– No Fashion Credits
Model Phil Bruce (Instagram @philbruce89)

Image 3- Uncovered- Black Shirt Unknown Brand; Underwear by Baldrick Benjamin


(Instagram @mbmodelphotography)