Mathew V – „Give It All“

„I wrote „Give It All,“ my latest single, as a love song to my partner. Finding that most of my songs were sad, I wanted to switch things up and express my willingness to go with the ebb and flow together.

This track was produced and co-written by the amazing pop duo, Fly By Midnight. Our schedules lined up after over a year of trying to line up a studio session when I was in LA at the end of a writing trip, leading us to write and record „Give It All“ in four hours.

I am so in love with everything about this song and I’m hoping that those of you who love bubble-gum pop connect with the essence that we’ve created here.

This song is taken from my upcoming album, Two Faced, out August 7th, a labour of love which captures the spectrum of my moods, through their highs and lows.

I am not an artist that lives in one space and I am excited to share that breadth with you.

Thanks for listening!“

Mathew V