Kevin Trapp co-created by ABOUT YOU: Trendy menswear styles and swimwear for the summer

The online fashion store and the football professional are launching the second drop of their joint Spring/Summer 2024 collection Kevin Trapp co-created by ABOUT YOU. This continues the subtle elegance of the first drop in February and expands it to include newly interpreted summer essentials such as tank tops, short-sleeved shirts, shorts and swimming trunks. In addition to classy summer vibes, ABOUT YOU and Kevin incorporate many trends into the minimalist designs, cuts and tonality of the collection.

The summer silhouettes appear in new colors this season. Apricot, sea blue and tie-dye add fresh highlights to the core colors of the collection: khaki, taupe, beige and gray. The muted, natural tones give the pieces a simple holiday look, which is also underlined by the airy material selection of soft linen and flowing viscose. Seersucker and ribbed fabrics ensure a fashionable mix of materials, while utility details on pockets and webbing reflect the workwear trend that was already found in Drop 1. These looks paired with maritime influences such as modern striped patterns, bright tie-dye and short-sleeved shirts in resort style get you in the mood for midsummer. ABOUT YOU and Kevin are also designing swimming shorts in new colors and striped patterns. The key piece of the collection stands out particularly because of its structure: a set of light gray short-sleeved shirt and shorts.