How Being A Male Escort Increased My Self-Confidence

Photo by James Barr on Unsplash

Here’s an honest question for all the cavaliers out there:

Have you ever been tormented by intrusive thoughts that you don’t feel manly and masculine enough in your skin?

You don’t have to say it out loud, but you should know that you’re not the only one bothered by these thoughts.

Although most men won’t admit it unless the survey is anonymous, they’re haunted by thoughts like „I get confused anytime I see her,“ „Why is her ex so much cooler than me?“ and so on.

Anyway, male escorts don’t seem to have those problems. Women are attracted to them like bees to a honeypot. Did they just unlock a superpower that other men can figure out?

The secret in your current occupation is that being a male escort elevates your confidence.

If you’re wasting your days trying to figure out why he is so much better than you, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The secret is getting into companionship or a male escort agency. They seem to have it all—they’re always going places, enjoying luxuries, and most importantly, with a new woman again and again.

All of this helps your self-confidence skyrocket.

There’s nothing more satisfying for a man than to feel desired, masculine, and worshiped as a partner, right? For clarification purposes, let’s examine the relationship between male escorts and self-confidence.

Personal Upgrade

First, male escorts look like straight-up models you see on TV. It’s true, and this glowing manly appearance will make your confidence go through the roof. A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine proves our point.

Frequent exercise that gets your body in shape stimulates better sexual functioning. In layman’s terms—having the perfect body does wonder. But let’s not associate a personal upgrade just with your physical appearance. Sure, it’ll help you be more attractive, and you might be hotter than her ex, but that’s not all there is.

Being a male escort can help you upgrade your communication skills and understanding of women (even though women are like a Rubik’s cube to men most of the time).

As male escorts, you’ll be going on dozens of dates, meeting different women from different backgrounds. This alone will broaden your horizon incredibly. Your job is not just sexual, though.  Women who hire an escort expect the complete package.

It might not be as easy initially, but after dates start lining up and you get booked more frequently, you’ll be like, “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” Men are often intimidated by women’s complicated nature. Still, the vital thing to know is that there’s a way to get over this and grow closer to women—by a personal upgrade.

It’s true—self-care is the best form of personal upgrade.

Deep Pockets

Even though we push forward the narrative that money won’t make you happy and is just a superficial means of happiness, it’s not 100% true. A deep pocket won’t cure all of your problems, but financial stability is in direct relationship with self-confidence.

You don’t need a study to confirm that more money brings more confidence. The great thing about this is that being a male escort can contribute to both.

Being in this business can help you make $7,000 a night. Josh Brandon, the world’s richest male escort, has $500,000 in annual earnings. That’s big money for a job description that says “be a lover.”

You can do many different things with the money you can earn as a male escort. You can spend it on whatever you want, go to exotic places, or invest in something that will boost your self-confidence even more.

Wrapping Up

From what you’ve read, there seem to be no downsides to being a male escort. For men who struggle with low self-confidence, this is the Holy Grail.

After a while in the business, men’s self-confidence will skyrocket. It’s not magic, though. The key is doing the things that appeal to you and help you become more appealing to other women.

And besides the pleasures of living the dream of spending time with women, you’ll also be working on yourself and upgrading your financial status.