Great career choices for a man who loves to travel by Ron Wolf


In case you love to travel, your career doesn’t have to be an obstacle to do just that. If you want to experience the world and get to know many exotic places, you could make a particular career choice that will allow you to do it.
Here are some great jobs in case you’re planning a career change that won’t tie you down and keep you in one place.

Flight Attendant

Sure, this is an obvious option but this job is also enjoyable and fun. You get to see a lot of countries and cities in a short period. Sure, you have to enjoy working with people, too, and the hours can get really crazy but it’s worth it.
You don’t need special qualifications to try and become a flight attendant – experience in customer service and a certification will suffice. And don’t forget that you and your family, too, will get something out of it – discounted flights so that you can travel even in your free time.

Cruise Ship Worker

This job gives you the chance to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds while simultaneously cruising the sea or the ocean and visiting beautiful places on the shore. You get free accommodation and it’s much easier to save money because you don’t have to spend it on food either.
There are various jobs that you can do on a cruise ship based on your skills and qualifications – a cashier, technician, waiter, cook, performer. Just be prepared for long hours and hard work, as well as the fact you won’t get to see your family and friends for quite some time.

Tour Guide

Every city that’s popular with tourists needs to have a tour guide. There are different types of tour guides – some of them work in a specific location, such as a museum, while others lead themed tours. There are also tour guides that lead excursions to different countries. What’s best, if you prove to be great at your job, you could end up having your own tour company.

Tour guides need to know a lot about particular places and cities and how to get along with people and make them feel comfortable in a strange city. It’s also very helpful if you speak more than one language.



Drivers spend their days traveling from place to place, having the opportunity to enjoy both the journey and the destination ahead of them. There’s something completely freeing in simply hitting the road and be on your way to the other side of the country or to even cross the border and explore the unknown, all by yourself.
To drive a truck, you will have to get heavy vehicle driving training and you are good to go. The world opens in front of you – all you have to do is to experience it while making money.

International Aid Worker

Doing this job, you don’t only get to travel the world but you also get to help people and do some good. You can focus on educating the locals, improving their economy or health, and get to know their culture in the process.

Depending on your experience, skills, and education, you could work in a developing country in Africa or Asia, giving your contribution to the greater good. The more experienced you are ina specific field, the more difference you can make. And you could earn even up to six figures if you are really good at your job and devoted.

Surf or Ski instructor

Being a surf instructor in a cool, hot place by the ocean or a ski instructor in the Alps or Canada sounds amazing, right? Warmer or colder climate – you get to choose, and then you can do joy job during the season. When the season is over, you can simply change the hemisphere and keep on working on another exotic place, getting to know another culture.
For teaching surfing or skiing, you’ll have to have some form of certification, at least to be able to teach beginners. The smartest move is to get the certification in the country you want to visit. But that won’t stop you to change countries when the season passes.



Teachers are needed in every country of the world, especially for children. If you love kids and you enjoy transferring your knowledge to others, then teaching is the job to go for. You could teach your own language or a foreign one; you could use your knowledge in a specific skill and show the locals how to do it.

Many international organizations are looking for people ready to teach in distant countries, so it’s best to contact one of them and see what type of teachers they are looking for.

Final words

These jobs are not the only ones offering you the option to see the world while earning money. If you want your job to be exciting and to allow you to experience unknown places, you can start from these and see where it takes you.