While his recent singles have delved into personal experiences that are both real and immensely relatable, ‘hurt so bad’ addresses a situation that requires an even deeper level of sympathy and judgement.

The song was written about a friend of who suffered a miscarriage, as well as the subsequent outpouring of grief and the impact that it had on a relationship. The story is key to the song, which is gracefully supported by Cian’s delicate falsetto, understated beats and soothing vocal harmonies. And amidst the turmoil, the final verse offers support for the challenges that lie ahead.

Cian commented, “I wrote ‘hurt so bad’ when my friend shared a really personal story about having a misscariage when she was 19. The story broke my heart, especially as I had a family member experience the same thing. I tried to tell the story in her words and express it for her. It was really moving for us both.”

The ‘started in college’ (mixtape) will be in two volumes featuring a total of ten tracks including Cian’s three recent singles. Other new tracks include ‘somebody else’ which tells the story of love and loss of a friendship, with Cian pushing his vocal to the full extent of its power. The demo vocals were recorded over a year ago and Cian decided to keep them in the final edit for the authenticity of the track and to maintain the time-capsule of the song.   Then ‘uber’ switches between piano-based intimacy and heavy-duty bass, telling a story of Cian trying to hold onto a relationship in the final days before the eventual break-up. Significantly, ‘uber’ closes volume 1 on the mixtape marking an end to this chapter in Cian’s life.

Volume 2 is a compilation of tracks Cian released between 2018 and 2019. Volume 1 to Volume 2 shows the journey Cian has been on musically and personally, discovering his own unique sound in writing and production. Volume 2’s opening track ‘Aftertaste’ marks the true beginning of this new phase in his life – as the first track he ever released and the moment Cian realised he can do anything following this.

Cian explains, “This mixtape is a time capsule of the last 2 years of my life from the first release of aftertaste from my college bedroom to dropping out and getting to where I am now. It closes the chapter of my 20-22 years and it will forever capture all the moments, experiences, relationships, rooms and apartments I lived in while making music and balancing the crazy London life and uni life. It’s a really special project for me and will be a capsule of “the start”.