New products are arriving from the 10-year licensing agreement that the Brunello Cucinelli fashion house and EssilorLuxottica signed in November 2022, which was preceded in 2021 by the launch of the first eyewear capsule by Brunello Cucinelli and Oliver Peoples, an exclusive brand owned by the French- Italian group.

The two companies’ creative teams achieved significant work together throughout 2023, resulting in the release of the first prestigious “Brunello Cucinelli” eyewear collection on sale worldwide in the Solomeo-based brand’s main boutiques and leading multi-brand stores dedicated to eyewear. All this reinforces the gracious and fruitful understanding between the two manufacturers, stemming from the esteem and fondness that brought Brunello Cucinelli and Leonardo Del Vecchio together; a good-natured and gentle friendship that blossomed into significant and painstaking research and development, conducted in complete harmony.

This renews an agreement dedicated to promoting the culture of beauty as a meeting ground between taste and the finest Italian craftsmanship, a partnership enriched by the valuable collaboration with the excellent opticians and chains of specialized outlets that will distribute these products representing “well-made in Italy”.

Brunello Cucinellii, Executive Chairman and Creative Director of the fashion house, commented:

“Leonardo Del Vecchio confessed to me one day: ‘Dear Brunello, I don’t know whether the glasses we make are beautiful, but they’re certainly made in the best way in the world!’ Today, admiring the excellent result of such formidable work and harmony, I think back to the words of that gracious, strong-willed, steadfast and kind man, who saw in his Agordo company what he liked to call “the beautiful factory”, a little like I do with Solomeo. Leonardo was able to dream and transmit his enthusiasm to those who worked with him, first and foremost to the highly esteemed Francesco Milleri, who with his special and brilliant humanity knows how to establish a relationship of respect and cordiality between our two teams, a measured approach that is the foundation of every humanistic endeavor. The phenomenal product resulting from this heartfelt collaboration represents an outstanding piece of luxury craftsmanship, as well as the Made in Italy that is recognized and embraced worldwide. Plato said: ‘Beauty is the splendor of truth’. This is why I wholeheartedly hope that our glasses, which are so true and beautiful, will please customers and achieve all the success they deserve.”

Francesco Milleri, Chairman and CEO of EssilorLuxottica, remarked:

“The Brunello Cucinelli fashion house has succeeded in creating a new concept of luxury, fueled by respect for labor and its dignity, which represent its true, deepest soul. We are bound by more than just an agreement: Brunello Cucinelli is not only a great entrepreneur but also a friend whom I respect and admire. The collection we helped to create under his and his family’s creative direction expresses all these values, perfectly combining technology and superior craftsmanship.”