BINNY released „Deep End“ + Exclusive Interview

1. Hello, thank you for your time, please introduce yourself in a few words!

Hey! I’m BINNY. I’m an Asian-American singer/songwriter that loves pasta and reality tv.

2. Please give us an update about – new single, new album, tour dates, new videos?!

I just released my new single, „Deep End“ and a visual for it. Not long before that, I released the video for my debut single, „Retrograde“. Both were made at the comfort of my own home while I was quarantined.

3. Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?!

1. I write and produce my own music

2. I’m classically trained in piano and self-taught myself the guitar.
3. I not only write songs from my point of view, but from conversations that I have with my friends or family.
4. I’ve been in three acapella groups before which has helped shape the musician I am today

5. I know almost any and everything related to pop music from the past 10 years.

4. What can we expect 2020 from you?

With the world at a pause due to the pandemic, I’ve really had the time to write and create so hopefully I’ll be releasing another single and video by the end of the year.

5. Do you have bad habits? A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?

I’ve been trying to maintain a clean diet for like the past 4 years.. It hasn’t worked out. I love fast food and sweets way too much. My eating habits could definitely be better but life is too short to not enjoy carbs!

6. Beside music, do you have any special talents?

I used to think I had psychic abilities and told my cousin that she would get proposed to by her boyfriend in 2018, but they ended up breaking up so.. I just stick with music.

7. Being on stage feels like….!

Being on a roller coaster: it’s scary and thrilling. You don’t want to look down at the crowd, but you do. It’s the best feeling in the world! I hate roller coasters though.

8. Must Have – and No-Go in your Wardrobe! – Favorite Fashion Brand and Fragrance?

2 must haves are a denim jacket and/or a leather jacket. I feel like both items can really elevate your everyday look and will always be in style.

A no-go is a plaid flannel. Unless you’re going for a lumberjack aesthetic.
My favorite fashion brand is Zara. If I could, I would buy their whole store.

My favorite cologne right now is Gucci’s Guilty. It’s the one I get the most compliments on.

9. A question you’d like to answer, but never been asked in an interview before?! + Answer pls

I’ve never been asked which side of the bed I like to sleep on.. the answer is the right side.