How to Be More Body Confident by Tracie Johnson

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

Body confidence might seem like a goal you can’t reach, but that’s not true. You can take a number of steps to feel more confident about your body. The following are some steps you can take.


One of the hardest steps you can take to feel good about your body is exercising. You have to commit to exercising, and you’ll start to feel good about your physique. Now, you have to accept that it’s going to take a while to see results, but if you’re patient, they’ll come. Work with a trainer who can help you ease into this new lifestyle, especially if you’ve never exercised before.


It’s important to show some gratitude for your body. A lot of times, people focus too much on negative parts of their bodies. This is not a good motivator; in fact, it may make it hard to be satisfied with your body, and that’s not good. You want to think of all the good your body does for you, especially the parts you don’t like. For example, if you don’t like your thighs, think of how they help you, like giving you strength or helping you rollerblade. Shining a light on your body helps.


There are times when the body part or section of the body that’s giving you trouble is simply too hard to address. If this is the case, then it’s okay to be open to changing this part of your body. What you need to do is look for an expert in plastic surgery in Kansas City, or wherever you are located. Changing a part of your body for the good of your mental health can be helpful. This change should help you feel better about your body, and that’s a positive thing.


Sometimes, it’s hard to motivate yourself to exercise and to make lifestyle changes that’ll help you be more body confident. There are a lot of reasons why this could be hard, but one of them has to do with your focus. Maybe you’re the kind of person who needs to focus on something like your health rather than just your physique. If this is you, then shift your focus. Think of all the good you’re doing for your body if you make these changes.


That little voice that criticizes your body needs to be shut down. The problem is the voice is coming from inside of you. It might be a good idea to rename that voice so that you can begin to distance yourself from it. Give it a name of a person you don’t like or the name of a person you imagine to be snarky. Anytime you hear this person telling you something negative about your body, shut that man or woman up.


Guided meditation can do wonders for you and your body confidence. This type of meditation is used to steer the mind wherever you want it to go. It helps give you a chance to control your inner thoughts and desires. It also helps fight negative habits like talking negatively about yourself. Use guided meditation to give yourself the mental power you need to love yourself and to become the person you want to be.


You must reward yourself as often as possible. The work you put into your work and your day need some recognition. There are a lot of ways you can reward yourself. Some do it by eating a treat after weeks of training hard. This could be an option, but it’s probably better to do something that’ll help you feel good without you eating more than you need to. For example, you can go to a massage therapist and enjoy a long massage, or you can go on a little shopping spree for fun. The more you reward yourself, the more you’ll be able to value who you are.

You’ve got all the tools you might need to feel confident about your body. If you continue to have trouble or have too many negative thoughts, then make sure you talk to a mental health specialist as this person may be helpful on your journey.