5 Brain Training Techniques to Cultivate Your Creative Genius by Paul Bates

Brain training involves applying programs or activities in the schedule of an individual seen to be a genius to help in their cognitive abilities. These programs and activities support the brain to develop fluid intelligence that is critical in the performance of executive functions. Brain training also helps develop a sharp ideological character that an individual can use to solve different issues. The article will discuss various techniques that can be used to train the brain to cultivate a creative genius.

Many scholars have developed a set of techniques that can be used in training the brain. They include: seeking to use both sides of the brain, cultivating the thirst for knowledge, training to explain things to yourself, taking breaks to switch on the creative side, and letting your imagination run wild.

Seeking to use both sides of the brain

Being creative requires the application of the whole brain. Critical and creative thinking requires an individual to think laterally or devise new ways to come up with a solution to a particular issue. A person should work to build the whole brain that is by applying both the left and right hemispheres. One activity that can help in juggling the brain can be brushing teeth using the hand that is less dominant. Regular use of the less dominant side of the brain is fundamental in activating the less active hemisphere. “To enable the less active hemisphere more, one can also try doing things differently; for example, by writing notes backward or wearing a watch upside down,” says Ruth Taylor, Creative Writer at SolidEssay and ConfidentWriters.

Cultivating a thirst for knowledge

When an individual has a thirst for knowledge, their creativity is often fuelled. A creative mind is always in need of a lot of information, which can be done by providing the timing with enough ideas that it can initiate critical and creative thinking. This initiation helps the mind to grow, and the thinking capacity usually expands. For this to happen, a person should be willing to always try new ideas and not dismiss anything new just because they do not agree with it. When one has a lot of knowledge on different issues, coming up with different ideas becomes relatively easy.

Explaining things back to yourself

Creativity involves being able to understand and explain the information you possess. When you can demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired, you have read and internalized the new data from a broader perspective. When you can explain back the information in your brain, you can also expand on it more or present it in a way that is simpler to be understood by other people. One is also able to incorporate new ideologies into the newly acquired information, which can result in the creation of new concepts. Explaining things back to yourself is very critical, especially in solidifying knowledge. It also helps in analyzing situations critically so as to come up with various concepts.

Taking breaks to switch on your creative side
It is very fundamental for the mind to have an off period. This helps in refreshing the mind so as to be able to solve problems. When we work continuously without taking breaks, we often reach a dead end without notice. When the mind relaxes, it regenerates quickly and is able to generate information in the form of ideas and concepts that one can apply in coming up with different solutions. One should not take long hours engaging in one task. “Changing tasks once in a while helps to keep your mind innovative and creative,” notes Michael Parker, educator at BeeStudent and Paper-Research.

Letting your imagination run wild

It is essential at times to let your mind wander off into imagination. After this happens, one should use the ideas developed in the mind to brainstorm so as to invent new ways of doing things. Letting the mind free also helps in its relaxation, which is crucial in creating many ways of dealing with a problem. One should also keep a record of ideas that flash through the mind, which can be helpful in the future.

Exercising your mind is very critical in cultivating a mind that is creative and innovative. One should always take breaks from activities that exhaust the memory. Once the brain is able to use both hemispheres, there is a balance of information created that helps the genius and creativity in a person to flourish.

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Paul Bates is a health and lifestyle writer sharing his stories at SwiftPapers, Data Researchers Network as well as HuffPost and Medium. Paul has helped many people to grow their writing career and write engaging content.

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