Without Iron How to Get Out Wrinkles from Your Clothes


The last thing you need to worry about is a wrinkled suit while going into the office for an important meeting or presentation. Maybe you’re on a trip, and your blouse got ruined in your carry-on, and your hotel room’s iron is broken. Or maybe you’re at home but don’t have any use for an iron.

You may need a quick wrinkle release from time to time before leaving home. Of course, garment steamers are on the list, but other options aren’t as apparent. Here are simple iron options for removing wrinkles from clothing without using an iron.

  • Use flat iron

A flat iron can be used for more than just curly hair styling. The collar and cuffs of a shirt can straighten out from a flat iron. Before heating the flat iron, clean any product off with a moist towel to avoid it from transferring to your clothing.

  • Apply hairdryer

Another beauty product that will remove wrinkles from clothing is a hair dryer. With goods like a knit dress that may have shoulder dents from wire hangers, ironing clothes with your hair dryer works well in a pinch. In this case, all you must do is drape the dress over a shower curtain rod or a chair (or lay it out flat) and focus the hot air stream over wrinkles from about two inches away. You can contact professional wash and iron services for a better result. 

  • Use a wrinkle-release spray

The professional ironing service claims that wrinkle releaser spray is the best and easiest way to remove wrinkles from your clothes. Spray the affected areas and wait for them to dry. It also removes dirt and smells and also wrinkles. If you regularly travel, keeping a travel-size bottle in your suitcase is an awesome idea.

If you don’t have this item, you can also use a clean spray bottle filled with water to smooth out wrinkles. Mist the wrinkled areas sparingly, being careful not to soak the fabric. Then hang the clothing to dry naturally. It’s not much easier than this to reduce wrinkles, and unless you’re ready to wear damp clothes, it’s not the best option if you’re in a rush.

  • Try vinegar spray 

White vinegar can use to make your DIY wrinkle-release spray. It’s a low-cost, gentle, and chemical-free option. Let the wrinkled clothing air dry after spraying it with a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. Vinegar in the laundry is a great odour remover and cleaner.

  • Make a pot into an iron

In old times many ironing services used this type of technique to get rid of wrinkles. In a metal pot, bring water to a boil. Toss the water after it hits a rolling boil. To smooth out the wrinkles in your fabric, you’ll use the bottom of the pot as an iron. However, make sure the bottom of the pot is clean and use caution because it will be hot. To speed up the drying process, put some dryer balls into the mix the next time you do laundry.

  • Using a damp towel

It’s a very simple procedure, but it works perfectly. Put a damp towel over the wrinkled garment on a flat surface. Deep wrinkles can be straightened out using your hands. Let the item dry naturally. Check yourself for stray hairs and lint balls before leaving for the function, and remove pilling from your clothes before leaving.

  • Steam away wrinkles in the shower

When you’re not at home, you know how to wash your clothes by hand. When you’re travelling, you’ll need to know how to unwrinkle a shirt. Turn on the hottest water in the shower and hang the wrinkled item in the bathroom. To create a sauna effect, close the door. Returning after around 10 minutes, keep in mind that the wrinkles may take up to 20 minutes to completely remove. To avoid getting your clothing item wet when hanging it on the shower rod, ensure the shower is facing away from it.

Final Words

The more of the above tips you use, the less wrinkled your clothes will be. If you are travelling and you have no other option, these tips can help you, but it does not give the perfect result to compare professional wash and iron service. Do not worry; in this fast world, Hello Laundry provides high quality wash and ironing service along with a free pickup and delivery facility in London & Essex areas.