Welcome nu3 – begin with nutrition

nu3 is writing a new chapter that focuses on the well-being of its customers. In addition to the new look, the focus here is on user-friendly design and the clear message – individual products for individual needs.

With the help of nutrition experts and health experts, nu3 tries to make healthy eating easier in everyday life. The holistic nutritional approach to which the brand is committed focuses on three core areas: sport, nutrition and health. This holistic concept sets nu3 apart from other brands that are only dedicated to one of the three areas.

Since nu3 was founded, the brand has had one goal in mind: to help everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle. A range of products was created that best supports the different phases of life and challenges in everyday life.

The new nu3 campaign “Your next chapter with nu3” focuses on the journey to fully comprehensive well-being despite stressful everyday life. The holistic approach acts as a reliable companion and guide for a healthy lifestyle.

Closing and preventing nutritional gaps, improving body functions, finding balance or establishing beauty rituals – the Health Line supplements focus on high bioavailability and clean recipes without unwanted additives. The Omega-3 capsules or the Magnesium Complex are real everyday heroes.

Thanks to the nu3 Food Line, not only super tasty but also particularly healthy dishes can be conjured up. With little sugar and a lot of protein and without artificial frills, such as 100% natural peanut butter or the very low-calorie konjac noodles, you can get through the day healthier.

Full protein power!

Build muscles, improve endurance, gain motivation – these goals can be achieved even faster with high-quality protein and the most popular sports supplements. Top fitness products such as the Performance Whey Powder or the Vegan 3K Protein Powder from the Sport Line are ideal for this.