TRINNY LONDON – Bring your skin back to life!

“Our two moisturizers are true masters of skin care – they absorb incredibly easily and feel very luxurious. Our highly active formulations do more than just moisturize, they bring the skin back to life!” – Trinny Woodall, CEO & Founder

Bounce Back Intense Peptide Moisturizer:

Thanks to this youthful cocktail of active ingredients, you can get back to your best skin. The highly effective formulation of peptides and hyaluronic acid visibly smoothes wrinkles and makes the complexion appear lively again. It helps improve the skin’s response to stressors and makes it more resilient over time. The skin feels plump, elastic and full of life. TRINNY LONDON’s high-tech 4-peptide complex increases skin elasticity and firmness, while phytosphingosine firms and smooths the skin from within, preventing collagen breakdown and strengthening the support structure between the epidermis and dermis. The bioactive ingredients beta-glucan and glucoside help the skin react better to stress and hyaluronic acid provides moisture.

Energize Me Niacinamide Moisturizer:

This highly active moisturizer provides stressed skin with new energy and brings it back into balance. Formulated with skin-strengthening niacinamide, the lightweight formula helps balance excess oil, improve skin tone and smooth texture. Over time, the skin becomes better equipped to respond to daily stress. For ‘Good Skin Days’ every day! The powerful niacinamide is known to improve skin tone and reduce excess oil, resulting in fewer blemishes. Chlorella vulgaris extract balances the microbiome – for a calmer skin feeling and a clear appearance. Succinic Acid helps awaken and energize tired skin by boosting energy-producing skin cells, while gentle Asiaticoside helps skin recover from breakouts. The superstar among moisturizers, hyaluronic acid, provides moisture for 24 hours, plumps the skin and visibly smoothes fine lines.