MODUS VIVENDI presents Laminated Swimwear Line & the Glossy Stripes Campaign

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MODUS VIVENDI, known for its trendsetting designs, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest creation, the Laminated Swimwear Line, part of the Swimwear 2024 Collection. The line’s „Glossy Stripes“ Campaign features striking visuals of a man donned in laminated swimwear that glistens under the Argentine sun.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless marine trend, MODUS VIVENDI’s design team has expertly reimagined the classic Breton stripes on sustainable swimsuit fabrics. Utilizing a unique laminated technique, each piece in the line features a glossy finish that promises to turn heads. Available in black, rose red, and navy blue, this line is designed to make a statement.

The „Glossy Stripes“ Campaign, shot on the picturesque beaches of Argentina, encapsulates the essence of summer with a modern twist. The campaign showcases the swimwear’s brilliant shine and dynamic appeal, making it a must-have for fashion-forward individuals seeking to stand out by the sea.

The „Glossy Stripes“ Campaign finds its muse in the ageless allure of the sea. The iconic Breton stripes, historically worn by mariners, have been elevated through a laminated technique that reflects the sunlight, much like the glistening waves. This innovation not only adds a modern twist but also enhances the visual appeal, creating an eye-catching effect that captures the spirit of the ocean. By merging classic nautical themes with contemporary design and sustainable practices, MODUS VIVENDI celebrates the enduring charm of marine aesthetics while paving the way for future-forward fashion.

In keeping with MODUS VIVENDI’s commitment to sustainability, the Laminated Swimwear Line is part of the brand’s responsible edit. Each piece is crafted from eco-friendly, fast-drying elasticated fabric made from 100% recycled yarns, sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, the swimwear features UV rays protection, ensuring both style and safety for sunny days. This line is more than a visual delight to MODUS VIVENDI’s dedication to responsible fashion. By merging sustainability with cutting-edge design, the brand continues to lead the way in the swimwear industry.



Gastohn Barrios



Lucas Nocito



Santiago Di Giovanni

Executive Production:

Matias Santos



Martin Iglesias

General Production & Editing

Gastohn Barrios



Mar Del Plata, Argentina