La Biosthétique – Gray can be so cool! Glam + Color Steel Grey

Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Shampoo and Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Toner neutralize yellow-gold reflections, revitalize the gray tone and give gray hair a modern look. Now the gray hair refiners present themselves in a new design and with a new iconic scent from the star perfumer!

Wearing gray hair proudly is a conscious decision and a statement that is becoming increasingly popular. It radiates self-assured composure and a natural elegance, especially when the gray tone appears radiantly cool and well-groomed. This applies to graying natural hair as well as to trendy gray colorations and the huge range of individual gray nuances in between. They all fascinate with their lively sophistication as long as they are not marred by an unsightly yellow cast.

With cool pigments and steel gray reflections, Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Shampoo and Toner neutralize unwanted yellow effects and give gray hair expressive radiance. This does not require chemical hair lightening or an appointment at the salon. The ones from the La Biosthétique color experts‘ revised Glam + Color ® pro.grey products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, do not contain sulfates or silicones and are ideal for gentle and easy use at home.

Carefully coordinated, direct pigments are deposited evenly on the hair and are gradually washed out just as evenly. The Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Shampoo conjures up a cool shimmer in the hair every time you wash your hair, while the Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Toner gives graying natural hair a youthful expression. Together they form an effective anti-yellow strategy that refines all types of gray hair, whether natural or colored, female or male, with brilliant, cool reflections.

The new Glam + Color ® design is also elegant. The product packaging in matt black exudes cool elegance. And first the scent! None other than the renowned fragrance designer Geza Schön created the luxurious Glam + Color ® composition. A natural absolute of blackcurrant buds and essential oils of bergamot fruit and mandarin peel reflect lightness, freshness and shine. Glam + Color ® is the ultimate glam factor for gray hair refinement! With brilliantly cool reflections and radiant shine, the two gray hair specialists Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Shampoo and Toner ensure a glamorous color update at any time, in minutes and completely uncomplicated!


Cool pigments neutralize and matt warm reflections, protect the color from fading and maintain its fascinating brilliance. The vegan, sulfate- and silicone-free formula gently cleanses the hair while optimizing its moisture content. The Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Shampoo preserves and refines the existing gray tone every time you wash your hair. The mild shampoo can be used several times a week to clean gray hair if necessary and is also ideal for the care of “Granny Grey”/Slate Gray.


The versatile toner is a unique color treatment for graying natural hair. Depending on the exposure time, Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Toner neutralizes a yellow cast that can arise from environmental influences or provides a natural, elegant tint for a youthful appearance. Thanks to the even deposition of the pigments, the tint washes out just as evenly, guaranteed without any regrowth effect. Treatment with the Steel Gray .11 .AA Coloring Toner is only suitable for naturally gray hair!