How to Stop Your Bachelor Pad from Looking Like One!

Photo by aranprime on Unsplash

Whether you own a three-bedroom apartment overlooking the financial district or are renting a smaller and more modest flat in an urban area, regardless of the location, if you are a man living on your own, you have what is colloquially referred to as a bachelor pad.

So, when looking to improve the aesthetics to give an impression, at least, that you are a capable and fully functioning adult, preventing your home from appearing as a bachelor’s pad is an excellent place to begin.

Designer Furniture

Often, people mistake the word ‘designer’ to mean a piece of furniture or clothing with a substantially hefty price tag. However, contrary to popular belief, a designer item of furniture can be as affordable as it is truly spectacular.

Renowned and experienced designers, such as those who have created the wonderful ligne roset prado range, showcase an impressive selection of chairs, tables, and other pieces that will make a fantastic and modern focal point for your home.

Concentrate on Letting in Natural Light

Not only will clear windowsills and open curtains make your apartment or house look larger and more open, not to mention cleaner, but natural light is also a great way to help boost your immune system.

Exposure to natural light, especially if you are often indoors working from home or else in an office, is exceedingly important and offers the following benefits, amongst a host of others:

  • A boost to the levels of Vitamin D in your body
  • A way to stave off seasonal depressive disorder
  • A better quality and a longer duration of sleep
  • A way to reduce your blood pressure
  • Much-improved levels of focus and concentration

Keep the Décor Neutral

It is not a coincidence that even the swankiest of showrooms in the most expensive of new homes almost always have a neutral colour scheme; moreover, it is a deliberate choice to show potential buyers what it could look like before they move in.

Instead of rich colours that serve to make small rooms even smaller and dark rooms even darker, a more neutral colour palette will provide a calming and relaxing blank canvas on which to paint your own personality and style.

Furthermore, if you do decide you would like to sell your apartment or house further down the line, a neutrally painted and decorated property is always going to be preferable.

Print Out Photographs!

Now that the world of social media has essentially wiped out the drive for people to have their most cherished photographs physically printed out and put in a frame, you will be starting a new trend as well as making your apartment feel more intimate by having some photographs of your loved ones dotted around the place.

Strike a balance between a sense of family and togetherness without turning a particular room into a shrine by printing out ten photographs with the same person in them (even if they do happen to be your wife).