She is daring. She’s chic. She attracts everyone’s attention: FAME is the iconic fragrance of glamorous femininity, whose golden aura is always in the spotlight and captivates everyone.

This year, FAME returns – more daring, more precious and more overwhelming than ever.
Discover the new FAME INTENSE, an Eau de Parfum Intense – an intense composition that unfolds its particularly daring feminine aura.

Dressed in her new glittering gold dress, she is irresistibly Parisian. When daylight fades in Paris, she follows the call of twilight.



Inspired by the legendary metallic motif of Rabanne Fashion, the silver dress of the classic FAME bottle is transformed into honey-colored gold. Shimmering and shiny, it represents the radiant glow within her. The precious jewel is a collector’s item and available in a refillable design. The sparkling gold bottle is created for the fearless woman who owns the night – a new FAME star is born.

A SEDUCTIVE INCARNATION – AN ESSENCE OF DARK FEMININITY Unabashed and more impressive than ever:

FAME INTENSE is an addictive take on the original fragrance. The world-renowned perfumers Dora Baghriche, Marie Salamagne, Alberto Morillas and Fabrice Pellegrin created an ode to the most fascinating facets of femininity with FAME INTENSE and the most extraordinary ingredients.

This beguiling honey-gold fusion brings fragrant warmth into a new woody-floral, spicy composition in which sunny jasmine provides radiant luminosity and purity. A unique trio of incense notes meets creamy sandalwood for a sensual, all-enveloping and irresistibly feminine scent.

Coconut water gives the fragrance a sun-drenched facet, while the radiant bergamot essence from Italy combines with an extraction of powerful pink pepper. Ylang-ylang extract provides a feeling of warmth and sensuality. At the same time, mineral musk lingers with fascinating seductive power, creating a glow that enhances the scent’s intoxicatingly radiant floral accents. Finally, cedar wood provides an unmistakable warm, woody, aromatic note full of sensuality.

“In this INTENSE version, FAME reveals luminous, creamy, balsamic facets. I enveloped the incense in an even more irresistible coconut mist and then chose Grasse jasmine to add more warmth to the composition with luminosity and sunlight. To create a really strong intensity, this new FAME variant has a woody finish. Together with DreamwoodTM, sandalwood creates a creamy, enveloping and sexy duo that transcends the woody trail of Rabanne fragrances.” – Dora Baghriche.