Color meets feeling: The new Rado watches made of blue high-tech ceramic

In deep, urban shades of late-night blue, the new versions of both the Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton and True Square Skeleton timepieces will stir unforgettable notes in the hearts of watch lovers everywhere. The world’s well-known Master of Materials brings its undeniable expertise in the creation of high-tech ceramic in gorgeous colours, to two Rado favourites. The deep elegance and character of two iconic timepieces, with new, added freshness and versatility in stunning navy blue, along with that same unmistakable, sensuous high-tech ceramic feel that no one can ever forget.

The True Square Skeleton is one of Rado’s best-known models. Its big and bold case with softly rounded corners has pleased watch wearers from the start and the addition of a skeleton see-through movement with contrasting elements and meticulous finishing, refined the product line to a new level of sophistication. The latest model, in deep blue, comes for the first time with a blue rubber strap that matches the case, and a newly designed clasp using a high-tech ceramic cover, also in blue. Inside, protected by a flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both faces, a superb R808 calibre with a NivachronTM hairspring, chosen for its resistance to shocks, temperature fluctuations and magnetic fields, ensures absolute precision. The movement was tested for accuracy in a full five positions and also provides up to 80 hours of power reserve. The titanium case back is fitted with an additional sapphire crystal, to allow a full view of the intricately skeletonised movement and its lovely geometrics and fascinating operation. The balance, hands, minute-wheel bridge, barrel and movement jewels are all openly visible for watch enthusiasts to delight over.

The companion Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton, a model appreciated for its adventurous character and rugged good looks, boasts a slightly different application of the new colour. The deep navy- blue wears a matt finish, particularly well-suited to the sportier Captain Cook, and the bezel teeth are polished to a bright shine that beautifully complements the signature box-shaped sapphire crystal. The glass is treated with an anti-reflective coating on both faces, for best readability, and a second sapphire crystal is set into the case back, to allow a full appreciation of the timepiece’s workings and skeletonised calibre. For the first time, the case back is finished in matching deep navy-blue PVD, in a timepiece where clearly, no detail was left to chance. The R808 movement, a marvel of watchmaking engineering and finishing, is equipped with a cutting-edge NivachronTM hairspring, highly resistant to shocks, thermal variations and magnetic fields. Tested in a full five positions for maximum accuracy, the 25-jewel, 3-hand movement is able to provide an impressive 80 hours of power reserve, so even the most passionate explorers will get the rest they need. The new Captain Cook Skeleton comes with a sporty, adventure- ready rubber strap in matching blue colour, for a note of everyday wearability next to that sophisticated high-tech ceramic case, stunning skeleton movement and polished bezel detailing. The rubber strap is light and body friendly, as the material quickly adapts to the wearer’s skin temperature for maximum comfort. Two models in a mysterious new shade, perfect for a lovely night of memorable blues, in a famous place and with a favourite friend.

Why High-Tech Ceramic? – Because it feels like nothing else….

This is exactly what Rado high-tech ceramic is all about. It’s why we say, „Feel it.“ The ancient origins of its base material render its durability almost inevitable, but it is indeed a great testimonial to the know- how and experience of the „Master of Materials“ that it has proven to be true. High-tech ceramic is a beautifully light substance, and one that is also magnificently scratch-resistant.

In itself, all that might be enough qualities to love, in one exceptional material, but surprisingly, it doesn’t stop there. Not only is ceramic durable and impervious to almost everything, it has a rare silkiness to the touch that makes for exquisite comfort against the skin. Place it over a human wrist — fine, large, gentle or rugged, and it feels like it was made to be there — since forever. This is of course particularly true for timepieces making use of ceramic elements also in their bracelet, where the sensory experience becomes total and absolutely unforgettable.

About High-Tech Ceramic

Chronologically-speaking, high-tech ceramic was first introduced by Rado in 1986. Its sensuous feel, durability, scratch resistance and surprising light weight quickly conquered the hearts of watch enthusiasts the world over. Though related in some respects to more common forms of ceramics we all know, high- tech ceramic is truly a product of advanced science. Under highly exacting conditions, extremely pure and finely calibrated powders of aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide and silicon nitride with perfectly uniform grain sizes, are shaped into a particular form then baked at high temperature to create an object or a watch case of the desired dimensions and properties. New methods developed by Rado involve the use of a plastic carrier medium mixed with the mineral powders, to allow injection into precision moulds at pressures around 1000 bar. Once cooled, the pieces are removed from their parent mould and the carrier agent dissolved in a standard chemical solvent process, prior to a final sintering phase at 1450°C. This precisely controlled sintering is what makes possible the extraordinary level of density and hardness of High-Tech Ceramic, over regular ceramic. The procedure is true rocket-science territory, as the dimensions of the first moulded elements shrink during sintering; the particles tighten up as porosity disappears and precise calculations must take into account this important change of around 25% in the dimensions. The reward is a case that now stands at 1,250 on the Vickers scale and is ready for final diamond-tool machining and finishing, into an impressive Rado timepiece.