Alex Metric & TCTS – ‚Undone‘ (feat. Vök)

Cultivating an expansive repertoire between them, native Londoner Alex Metric and Manchester-born TCTS epitomise a rare breed of DJ/Producer. Described as un-pigeonholeable, Metric lives up to his esteemed reputation with ‘Undone’. Released on Spinnin’ Deep, ‘Undone’ is an exquisite collaborative slice of House music that is abundant with innovation.

“I’ve always admired TCTS’ work so it was great to get in the studio together. I think the track is a great meeting point of our two minds – it’s my old analog synths meeting modern software synths. Once we got rolling I kept thinking about a vocal me and Vök had written a couple of years previously. We dug it out and it fit like a glove.” — Alex Metric explains

“Undone was a fun track to put together. I went down to Alex’s studio in east London for a couple days, where he has loads of nice hardware and synths, and we just built ideas with no massive agenda. I think that’s why Undone feels supernatural to me, it was a lot of recording live ideas and building on what we liked and scrapping what we didn’t. Voks vocal takes it to the next level and adds that glue that makes it all make sense.” — TCTS explains