13 Double-Date Ideas To Break The Ice

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When you’re in a relationship, you need to keep the spark alive. While Netflix and chill is enjoyable for a while, it can get pretty boring over time. You need to think of new ideas and ways to keep the flame burning in your relationship.

Many people rely on double-dates to double the fun. Double dating has been proven to be beneficial for relationship by research.

Several studies have shown that bonding with another couple can actually reinvigorate passionate love within relationships. These experiences seem to spark something in you that leads to greater love. Plus, if you’re able to spend time with friends and your significant other simultaneously, you’re in for a real treat.

Now, if you’re meeting the other couple for the first time and worried about breaking the ice, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of double-date ideas that are fun for everyone.

1. Plan a home cooking session

If you’re thinking of heading to a restaurant on a busy weekend, chances are your waiter won’t be able to seat you for more than an hour. Instead, cook a meal at home and try out recipes you’ve always wanted to try. Two people can cook the meal, and two can set the table; this way, each party will have a helping hand and can bond better. Or each couple could make a meal each and see whose turns out the best. Whoever gets the most votes won’t have to clear off the table.

2. Go to a concert by car

The great thing about concerts is that they can be an all-day activity. Taking a road trip together is a great idea if you have a ride there. When planning your trip, put Boulder, Colorado, on your list of places to see. You can also support local artists at this Boulder music festival that brings together a diverse selection of musical genres and a friendly summer vibe. Listen to the artist’s albums on your way to the concert so you’re familiar with the lyrics because once you’re at the concert, you’ll want to sing along.

3. Visit an amusement park

If you are all adrenaline junkies and want a thrilling experience, spend an afternoon riding rides and playing games at the nearest amusement park. When you go to an amusement park with a group, each ride requires you to split into pairs – this way, you can spend some time alone with your crush without feeling awkward.

4. Team Up for Trivia Night

Instead of competing against each other at your local bar’s trivia night, work together to dominate the competition. Check out which theme you might be particularly good at; for instance FRIENDS quiz, and do some research. If you want to avoid standing for a long time (or run out of a place to keep your snacks and beverages), arrive a little early so you can reserve a table.

5. A picnic on the beach

Seeing mother nature’s bluish hues creates an enchanting atmosphere for everyone, especially for couples. No matter what time of the day you choose, you can enjoy a romantic time watching a sunset, sunrise, or starry midnight sky. Bring a picnic basket of easy appetizers and wine (don’t forget to bring blankets for the sand) when the sun begins to set. Even if it gets a little chilly, you can snuggle with your partner. A side note: Stargazing can be great here if it’s not too cloudy.

6. Take a pedal boat ride

If there are pedal boats available for rent at a park lake near you, a double date would be a great excuse to try it out. Plus, there are no skills required with pedal boating – all you have to do is pedal! Anyone can enjoy the experience regardless of whether or not they are competitive.

Make a day of it and spend time at the park with your partners, enjoying the lake and perhaps even stopping for an ice cream cart.

7. Go Ice Skating

There is nothing more fun for a group than ice skating or roller skating. It is common for skating rinks, particularly roller skating rinks, to host themed nights featuring music and lights. Embrace the ’80s with your best disco gear. You can also go skating on an ice rink or a frozen pond if it’s winter.

8. Play a game of Laser Tag

If you and your partner haven’t tried Laser Tag yet, you’re missing out! A fun and friendly competition will keep everyone on their toes and can liven things up in your group. After an exciting evening, grab a bite and a few cocktails to end the evening on a sweet note.

9. Organize a yard sale

Do you or your friends have any items accumulating dust in their homes? It is a good idea to organize a garage sale together to sell those goods. You can also include a juice stand for people for extra fun.

As you create the plan, decorate the signs, and host the event, you will bond. In the end, you will be closer to your partner, have less clutter in your home, and have some money in your wallet.

10. Play bowling

If you thought bowling was just a sport for elementary school kids on their birthdays, you are mistaken.

Bowling allows couples to have some healthy competition. The best way to find out who has hidden talents is to split a lane with another couple. If no one shines for a while, don’t be scared to add more gutters.

What will matter at the end of the day is that you enjoyed the day.

11. Try rock climbing if you’re feeling adventurous

A fun and adventurous way to spend a double date would be to meet at a climbing gym near you and go rock climbing together. While you support each other through the different climbs, you can strengthen your muscles.

12. Take a stroll on the beach

A warm day calls for catching waves with your favorite people and soaking up the sun, so why not take advantage of it? A long walk along the shore is a wonderful way to pass the time in the spring and fall. Even if you can’t sunbathe, you can still enjoy being by the ocean and watching a sunset together.

13. Go on a camping trip

Take your date night to the next level by going out of town and sleeping under the stars. There is no romantic setting more idyllic than this. You can roast marshmallows and make s’mores over the campfire.

Have fun telling stories, playing spin-the-bottle, or serenading each other. You can also make memories while hiking, canoeing, or swimming, all the while enjoying the natural beauty around you.


These ideas will be a huge hit if you are looking for some ideas to put together for the big group date. Whatever activity you choose, you will break the ice no matter what.

Encourage your crush and your closest friends to join you on a date. If you have tried any of the ideas above and loved it, then pick another, mark it on the calendar, and make it a monthly event.