Z1 – Fall/Winter 2019 collection POWERED

As part of 080 Barcelona Fashion, the brand Z1 presented POWERED, its new collection for the next season, fall/winter 2019. The collection shows designs for men and women (and some unisex clothes), inspired by the influential power that fashion has over people and life events. This collection is based in a study about sportswear functionality, carried out by the young and talented designers of the brand, Beatriz Ferrer and Matteo de Meo.

This time, the color red is the center of the collection and it is directly related to the brand’s concept. Red is the last color of the spectrum, as Z is the last letter of the alphabet, and it represents passion, power, courage and luck in many different cultures. It is linked to the most primitive physical and emotional needs of survivorship and auto conservation: this concept is appreciated in some red fabrics and on its prints, using either vinyl or stickers techniques. The color red used in the collection comes from the pantone 18-1763 TCX High-risk Red.

Fabrics have an important role in the collection. The designers claim that it was essential “to choose alternative fabrics that are comfortable to wear at the same time”. They used a great variety of fabrics such as soft neoprene, nylon, polyester, double face fabrics, cotton, jersey, elastic fabrics, impermeable or lining. The elastic fabrics, like jersey or rib, are used in several looks on the lowest part of the clothes or on the waist, creating elasticity and comfort. The lining is found in all jackets and some pants.

The collection shows a great variety of clothes: technical tracksuit total looks, hooded sweatshirts, parkas, leggings, jumpers, puff jackets and vests made with artificial feathers, utility vests, bomber jackets, suit jackets, work wear and multi layered pants, long sleeve jumpsuits, long sleeve T-shirts with turtle neck and the triple sleeve T-shirts. These last ones, and some others, also include dynamic prints using the vinyl and transfer techniques.

The double stich sewed can be found in pants, t-shirts, hoods or inside the clothes, as well as the seamless garment technology technique. The goal was to apply adhesive (with no seams) to help improving the design and manufacturing process, in order to create smarter and lighter clothes with several additional elements. They do not want to eliminate seams, but focus on the items’ usefulness and aesthetic. Comfort, flexibility and the protection advantages of adhesives ensure the quality of the collection and reduce the time and the people needed to create and finish a product.

The fusion between fashion and technology creates future innovations in the industry, which lead towards functionality, high quality and comfort. These totally integrated solutions are appearing progressively in the urban landscape and have presence in POWERED.

The designers, Bea and Matteo, claim that in this collection they “have taken more time to get the finishing they consider proper to say that a clothing item is done, studied to the minimum detail to give the maximum of quality”. With POWERED they plan to go out to the market and start selling with the objective to get inside the fashion industry and position the brand in the sector of streetwear.