Yawn – „Wasting Time“ – Live from KW studios

„This is a song about what it really means to commit to life as an artist: the risks involved, how to counteract all the expectations from the people around you, and how it’s a difficult path to choose.

For me, „Wasting Time“ is about carrying on against the odds, accepting who I am as an artist, and persevering in spite of everything.

This new project evokes surreal images through colours and textures, which is why the video for this song has a dream-like quality. I want you to sit with your dreams as you watch, holding onto them closely.

Our society really encourages people to lose their own sense of wonder. This video intentionally paints a synthy dream-pop world where anything is possible.

Wasting Time“ is dedicated to everyone who is struggling or searching and most especially to those who have committed to a life that is aligned with their truest self.“