Why You Should Consider Renovating Your Home This Year by Theodora Evans

New year, new you – right? Every year brings some new trends with it and maybe 2020 finally has something you are looking for. If you’ve been considering renovating your home for a while now but were not inspired by anything out there, perhaps this year is going to introduce something that truly tickles your fancy. Keep on reading to see some of the current trends that could help breathe some new life into your abode.

Make your hallway more inviting

In case the entrance area of your home is a bit dull and uninviting, you should consider making it a bit more attractive. Seeing as how you probably don’t have too many things in your hallway, there is no need to renovate it – just putting on a fresh coat of paint can do the trick. For example, one of the colors popular in 2020 is mellow yellow (or golden yellow). This hue is not too bright but it is still enough to bring a pop of color into your home.

Redo your kitchen to be more practical

One of the most common rooms that we choose to remodel is the kitchen. Luckily, the 2020 trends when it comes to the heart of the home are various and you can opt to incorporate just one or all of them. If you, like most homeowners, have a problem with storage, you can opt to renovate your kitchen and plan a different layout that will allow you to have more space. By adding bigger cabinets, you will be able to store more essential cookware items and utensils and by having more counters, prep areas will also increase. And, seeing as how you’re already getting new elements, you should consider a unique color and finish – 2020 will see the integration of bold and saturated hues as well as glass and metallic details. What is more, we cannot overlook the tech advancements so consider adding energy-efficient smart appliances to the list also.

Give your bathroom a timeless look

Another room that is frequently used and that is often high on the renovation list is the bathroom. Seeing as how most of us can’t really afford to renovate our bathroom every year, we need to choose something timeless that suits our taste and that will look stunning. While it’s recommended that you keep it neutral when it comes to the tiles since they are not that easy to swap out, current trends in bathroom design are allowing us to experiment with color. You can easily paint your walls in an eye-catching shade or put up wallpapers with an intricate design, purchase bathroom elements in various hues, from bright pinks to pastel blues, and finish off the design with metallic details. If you tend to change your mind on a regular basis, it’s great to have features that you can replace without too much effort.

Get a canopy bed to feel more royal

When it comes to your bedroom, you can stick with this idea of playing with color. Choose whatever makes you feel pleasant, helps you relax and suits your style. However, if you’d like to feel regal, you can pick a shade of deep purple or royal blue for the walls or decorative elements. What is more, every room should have a centerpiece and you can consider a canopy bed. If your room is big enough to fit such a bed, why not go for this luxurious addition? Other than this dramatic centerpiece, bedroom style choices in 2020 are all about mixing textures and prints and investing in statement lighting and unique artwork.

Consider the biophilic design to connect to nature

Most of us have realized the importance of nature in our lives. That is why, if you’re renovating your home, you should do your best to implement natural elements as much as you can. Biophilia is a trend that has been around for a while now and, in 2020, it’s going to reach new heights. There are many ways how we can introduce biophilic design into our homes – and not just by getting a lot of plants. Yes, we can add greenery and flowers as well as living walls but nature can find its place in our surroundings in all sorts of forms and shapes. For example, organic elements like recycled wood can be used for floors and furniture while you can use materials like granite, stone and marble as well. Natural light, earthy tones and even art that depicts scenes from nature are all a great way to connect to Mother Earth and bring it into the home.

Being green has never been easier

Finally, an amazing reason to renovate your home is to turn to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. By introducing more energy-saving and green elements into your household, you can help save the planet and spend less money on your bills. We mentioned earlier that you could upgrade your kitchen with some innovative appliances but you can do so much more than that. Using planet-friendly recyclable materials for your flooring, insulation and furniture is a great approach while you can also try to make the most of your home’s location by using as much natural light as you can and making the landscaping work in your favor. Seeing as how more and more companies are realizing that people want to work with eco-conscious businesses, the offer is now bigger than ever and you will surely find what you need.

Hopefully, these suggestions convinced you that now is the right time to undertake a project such as this. Nowadays, there are more options than ever before when it comes to changing the look of your home and while trends are by their nature cyclical, by carefully choosing not only what will appeal to you, but what will stand the test of time, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the fruits of your labor for the foreseeable future.