WAWWA is a Manchester based clothing brand that works with sustainability at the heart of everything it does. Having started in a small warehouse making organic t-shirts and printing using water based inks, the company is about to launch their first cut and sew collection, titled ‘Before The Water Gets Too High’. The inspiration for the collection is the intersect between man and nature, how the two overlap. The seas and shore is the perfect place to explore that, using sandy colours, blue hues and suitable graphics to create the not so subtle message that now is the time to act.

Designed and sampled in house by the small team working out of a 200 year old cotton Mill on the outskirts of a rapidly gentrifying Ancoats, the collection features recycled plastics spun into yarn, organic cottons and utilises design expertise to both maximise durability and minimise waste. Production is done either in a family run factory in Portugal, in fair trade renewably powered factories in India or right in the heart of Manchester.

Sean, co-founder of the brand says ‘Sustainability is a real hot topic at the moment and there’s a lot of confusion as to what it means, with plenty of greenwashing. We’ve become more and more granular with what we’re doing and obsessed with the small details, which doesn’t enamour us to manufacturers, but we’re determined to keep learning and strive to make the best product possible with the smallest impact on the planet as it’s vital for the future that everyone functions more sustainably’.


• 44% sourced from recycled plastic.
• Sea, beach and shore inspiration for the collection, focusing on the idea of salvaging plastic from the sea and acting before it’s too late.
• Made in UK, wind+solar powered factory in India or family run factory in Portugal.
• All orders shipped in plant based compostable packaging.

Alongside the collection, the company is also carrying on its hugely successful ’ 1+1 campaign into the summer months. For every hat or pair of socks the company sells, another will be donated to a homeless person less fortunate in the UK. The company has donated 4,000 pieces of of clothing to date, and wants to double that amount this year.

WAWWA was founded in 2015 by two brothers who started by making graphic t-shirts organically and since that time, have focused on sustainability and the planet as part of their core ethos. Now a team of five, with two european trade shows under their belt, the company plans to expand internationally this year. As part of the strategy as a social enterprise, the company plan to crowdfund the move into a sustainable factory in Manchester this year where they hope to provide work placements and employment to the recently homeless.