Wardrobe Maintenance: Main Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer by Tobias Foster

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You’re probably tired of having to purchase new clothes every season.
To be honest, so am I. My clothes either fade or lose elasticity after a while – and I hate that.
But there’s a solution to everything. We found some ways in which you could make your clothes last longer, and your trips to the shop less frequent. Here’s how.

Buy only high-quality pieces

It’s smarter to buy one $200 high-quality jacket that you’ll use for more than one season than six or seven $50 ones, right? Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s better for your pocket as well. If you’re buying clothes that are of higher quality, you’ll get a better deal in the long term. So, don’t be hesitant to spend more on clothes that’ll last you a long while. Maybe they won’t be as fashionable next year, but you’ll definitely make them last longer this way.

Use a bag for your delicates

This is great advice that I just learned. Instead of tossing your clothes and delicates altogether in the washing machine, invest in some delicate bags. This way, you’ll preserve them for longer; you won’t have to buy new ones every other month.

Buy a stain remover pan

You’re going to a party. You’re having a great time. You’re drinking wine. The wine is suddenly on your shirt. You’ve got two options: either wait until you get back home to remove the wine stain or carry a stain remover pen with you and remove the stain at the party! The less you wait till you remove it, the more chances you’ll be able to use that shirt again. Your call.

Wash your clothes less

I’m not saying don’t ever wash your clothes – but try to wash them less. If you’ve worn your shirt one time at the Thanksgiving dinner, wear it again at work. Don’t wash it right away, unless it stinks. The color will fade, and the clothing material will become less elastic the more often you wash it. Unless your clothes smell dirty, try to wear them at least three to four times before they hit the washing machine, recommends dissertation writing service specialist, Chris Jacoby.

Don’t use dry-cleaning too often

Dry cleaning services use toxic substances and way too many chemicals to benefit your clothes. The worst part is that these substances will damage your clothing material, making them wear out faster. So, guys: try to avoid taking your suits to the dry-cleaner. A good alternative could be hanging them in the bathroom while you shower (the steam will get to them naturally). At least that’s what my favorite essay writers recommend on their blogs; and for me, it worked.

Wash fewer items at the same time

Cramming all of your items in the washing machine at the same time won’t do you any good. In fact, it will only do worse. When you overfill the machine, the clothes don’t have enough space to be thoroughly washed on their own. They will rub against others and they’ll be less clean. This can be damaging to the clothing materials, so your clothes won’t last as long, even if you’re saving on water (and time).

Don’t use as much detergent

If you’re using too much detergent, your clothes risk being damaged. So, a good alternative would be combining your detergent with baking soda, a substance that acts as a detergent catalyzer. Your clothes will stay just as clean, but you’ll use less detergent and help the environment, both at the same time.

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Dark clothing: Important tip

Here is the tip of the year – to make your dark clothes last longer, wash them inside out. This will preserve their color, so they won’t fade as quickly.

Use a drying rack

Instead of using a dryer, use a drying rack, especially if it’s hot outside. Not only will you consume less energy, but you’ll also keep your clothing elasticity intact, recommends assignment service writer and fashion blogger, Dan Jayce. Your materials are already losing color and elasticity in the washing machine, they don’t have to lose it again in the dryer (especially if that’s not necessary). So, buy yourself a nice drying rack, set it up outside, and let your clothes dry off naturally.

Use a cool, dry environment as storage

Instead of stacking your couch with clothes while the heat’s up and running, think about the consequences of doing that and choose a cooler environment. The more exposed to light they are, the sooner they’ll fade, so you might want to reconsider. Store them in your closet and leave enough space between them – your clothes must breathe too.

Buy hangers

Instead of folding your sweaters and other garments on the shelf, reconsider using hangers. It’s better to hang your clothes than store them on the shelf – they’ll have more space to stretch and won’t become soggy as quickly. Also, opt for wooden hangers instead of plastic or any other material, writes college essay help blogger, Greg Thompson.

Check your iron

If you’re used to ironing your clothes, make sure your iron is high-quality. The iron’s temperature could burn your material if it’s not set right. So, get to know your iron and check it twice before using it to avoid any damage.

Consider using a dye bath

You can always refreshen your clothes’ color by giving them a dye bath. Instead of buying a new pair of black jeans, add black dye to a washbasin and let your jeans sink in for a while. Pull them out and voila! Your jeans are black again, and you don’t need to spend any more money on new clothing.

These tips can make a huge difference in making your clothes last longer, so apply them and see if they work. Good luck!