VULCANO: The 2020 Swimwear Collection

The volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, are the setting for VULCANO, the new swimwear release of ES Collection for 2020. Landscapes combined with reddish tones and black basalt rock, the island offers a unique natural place where the fire of the Earth meets the Atlantic Ocean. The land of volcanoes and black sand beaches promises a unique collection.

Our creative director, Carmen Monforte, was inspired by the natural beauty of our planet earth, avoiding stereotypes and accessories that throw us off our natural order. The volcanic beauty reminds us of the palette of warm colours, combined with reflections which give us metallic touches, making reference to the origin of the basic elements of our planet. The sun, with its power, reminds us of the absolute dependence we have on its energy. In a world where the environment is under a constant threat, the collection is a wake-up call to maintain a sustainable common path between fashion and the environment. This collection merges the combination of R&D where comfort and sensitivity for aesthetics prevail.

Tarek del Moreno

Ben Dudman
Eduardo Calleja
Alessandro Michele Di Ninno
Joaquín Clemente