Venus Demilo – Debut EP ‚The Rest Is Just Noise‘

Venus Demilo’s hook filled music draws on the energy of pop punk with some of the more intricate arrangements of modern indie. To date they’ve drawn comparisons as varied as ​Foals​, ​Don Broco​ all the way to ​The 1975​. Since their return to making music in March this year, the band have been featured on Spotify’s​ ​’H​ot New Bands​’​ ​playlist and they have been announced in June 2019 as recipients of ​PRS Foundation​’s Open Fund for their upcoming projects. They have also played a handful of shows across the UK.

Venus Demilo has existed in various different forms since their original line up in 2015. Since then three members have left, two members have joined. They’ve been through and graduated from university and took an eighteen month hiatus from the band to establish themselves as working musicians.

In June 2018 the band’s two guitarists, lifelong best friends and cousins Josh & Tom started discussing creating an EP from the songs that they’d always loved from the Venus Demilo sets but hadn’t released. Just over a year later, that EP is being released under the name ‘​The Rest Is Just Noise​’.

Singer and guitarist Tom Anderson explains the meaning behind the new EP as follows:
“Musicians can easily get caught in the trap of over-analysing your work. You’ll be told “you need to sound like this”​, “​ you need to be like this on stage”​ and ​“you need to release your music in this way”​ which can become overwhelming. Over analysis can lead to creation paralysis which in turn can lead to not releasing anything at all. I lifted ​‘The Rest Is Just Noise’ from a conversation with my Dad who told me to forget all of that, get your music out there and the rest is just noise.​ It suddenly made perfect sense.”

The release of the debut EP also coincides with the release of the band’s newest single ‚Amsterdam‘:
“The lead track ​‘Amsterdam’​ is about escapism. At school, we would always talk about dropping all of our plans and moving there. There’s always been half of me that’s thought “f*ck it, let’s do it” and the other half of me that’s found enough reasons to not do it yet. Similar to the band, this song has existed in a lot of different forms over the years, so it felt right to make it the lead single on ​‘The Rest Is Just Noise’.​ ”