Ultimate Bachelor Pad Ideas Guide for the Modern Man by Emma Joyce

When you think of a bachelor’s pad, you probably focus on the simplest ideas and most stereotypical solutions for this space. However, in the last decade, men have decided that it’s time they thought about the design as well as the practicality. The bachelor’s pad should show a man’s personality and be a reflection of their style, which is why more men are starting to pay attention to their interiors and how to create the best layout. Think about the most important and vital parts of your place and try to find a way to add some style to your interior.

A simple palette

Every new year, experts have a new colour that they promote as the hottest for the upcoming season, but what they don’t know is that men aren’t really that keen on changing their entire place just because of new trends. That’s why you need to keep everything simple and opt for a neutral palette that will help you add some colour through decorative pieces and stylish furniture.
Apart from that, if you focus on just a few colours and their shades, you’ll create a more sophisticated look that will help you accentuate a certain part of your home by making it stand out with something colourful. For example, if you’d like to create a reading nook, you can opt for some bold-coloured chair that will emphasize this part of the room. Also, patterns are a great way to break the colour palette and add a twist to the design without doing too much.

Add some wall art

This may come as a surprise, but art is something you can definitely find in many bachelor’s pads. There’s something beautiful in breaking the masculine design with a painting or a sculpture, and even the smallest piece can really show your artistic side. Art can lift up the design in any room and you don’t even have to opt for some famous art pieces.
You can create your own art, and showcase it proudly so that everyone can see. Visit a local art show, and try to find something you think will be a great choice for your home. If you like visiting flea markets, you’ll have plenty of art pieces to choose from and maybe even score some great antiques. Also, you can showcase your comic book collection and create a centrepiece no one would expect.

An entertainment area

When it comes to the favourite part of any bachelor pad, the choice is pretty simple – in most cases, the entertainment area is what the main focus is set on. This especially goes for men in Australia who spend more time watching TV than being online.
That’s precisely why they like to invest in high-tech appliances, which led to a rise in setting up a custom home cinema in Sydney. Not only will this emphasize the design and the layout of the room, but it will also create a much better feeling for all those hours spent binge-watching their favourite shows. This shows that men can create a balance between cutting-edge technology trends and modern solutions for their display.

Exposed materials

If you want to create a strong focal point, there’s no better way of achieving it than adding some materials into the mix. The obvious and most popular choice is exposed bricks, which can be great no matter how big or small your space is. You can opt for having an exposed brick wall that will create that row edge and show your personal style. This is great because it fits into many different designs, and, with just a few details, you too can implement it into your home as well.
On the other hand, wood beams are perfect if you want to make a small yet effective change that will uplift your interior. This is an addition that will play a major role in making your bachelor pad more cosy and welcoming and break that masculine pattern. Moreover, this addition will add a touch of luxury into the design whether you opt for darker beams or white ones.

Don’t forget to include some details into the décor that will help you show your personal style. Also, you can add your favourite photos and travel memorabilia and display all your memories in order to keep you reminded of some of the best times of your life.