Top 4 Tips for Choosing Men’s Jewelry by Peter Minkoff

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Even though many men will agree that jewelry is only to be worn by women, we must say that we don’t agree with this claim. Millions of men love to wear fabulous jewelry as well, and if you’re one of them, too – just keep on reading! Here are the top four tips on how to choose incredible pieces according to your personal style. Check them out and enjoy!

An elegant watch is always a good way to start

When it comes to accessorizing, a lot of men love to stick to the ‘less is more’ rule. If you belong to this group, we must say that an elegant watch is a fantastic way to start your jewelry collection. In fact, this is the perfect time to invest in a timeless piece you’ll wear for years to come. There are so many models and styles you can choose from; however, your final choice should depend on your personal style. So, if you love to wear formal outfits every day (or you have to, because of work), you should go for a classic piece with either a metal or leather bracelet. On the other hand, if you describe your style as sporty, you should better invest in a nice smartwatch. Just bear in mind your personal preferences and you won’t make a mistake!

Go bold with stacking rings

Photo by Melike Benli from Pexels

Are you a bold guy who wants to spice up his casual outfits with daring jewelry? If that’s the case, we highly suggest going even bolder with a bunch of rings! Ring stacking is a major trend in men’s accessorizing these days, and the reasons for that are more than good. However, there are still certain rules you should stick to. For example, if you’re a huge fan of signet rings, you should be very careful about wearing them in combination with other rings. For the best effect, wear a signet ring without another ring on that hand. Also, try to skip those thick and chunky rings on a daily basis. They are likely to distract you while doing physical work or typing at the office. Instead, pick minimal, lightweight rings, stack them as you wish, and boost your everyday combos to the max!

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of color

Adding a touch of color to your daily outfits can be done in several ways – and accessorizing is one of them. This is particularly important if you tend to stick to a neutral color palette that features a lot of black, grey, navy, or brown. Even though these colors are the most elegant ones, we must all agree that they aren’t too inspiring, right? So, if you want to change it up a little bit, we highly suggest incorporating colorful men’s jewelry into your everyday clothing combos. For example, cool bracelets with woven nylon cords are always an incredible choice. It gets even better when those bracelets are made from repurposed materials, such as fallen layers of colorful graffiti. This is your unique chance to wear pieces of street art on your body, which is beyond awesome if you ask us!

Delicate necklaces for a minimal touch

Photo by João Rabelo from Pexels

However, if you prefer a simple approach to accessorizing, we must say that necklaces are your perfect pick. It’s particularly true for delicate, minimalist ones. The best thing about such necklaces is that you can wear them both tucked in and on top of your shirt, depending on your mood at the moment. A modern, mid-chest long chain necklace probably is the best way to start. It’ll take literally every combo to a whole new level, even though it’s such delicate detail. If you want to wear necklaces on a daily basis, you should better avoid those thick, diamond-cut chains. Such styles are quite challenging to pull off, which is why most men choose not to wear them every day. Of course, if these are your thing – just go for it! It’s all about how you feel and which styles you’re comfortable wearing!

As you can tell, choosing men’s jewelry doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. Of course, it’s all about your personal style and preferences, so take them into consideration first and you’ll have a great starting point. Once you do that, everything will instantly become much clearer. All you need to do next is to stick to our four useful tips and you’ll do a wonderful job when it comes to accessorizing. It’s a promise!