Top 3 Great Tips for Memorizing Music by Justin Cody


Many musicians assume that memorizing is not an important factor in their music education. For those who want to reach the top level, keep in mind that without memorizing music, you won’t be able to perform greatly. When you memorize the music, it will not only give you artistic freedom but also enhance your improvisation skills. Additionally, audiences always love musicians who’ve memorized the lyrics, rather than just reading it from a copy.

Despite the importance, many students avoid memorizing their music. Not only that, but they avoid developing their memorization skills too. You should learn the best way to absorb music as it will help you to connect with your preferred learning style.

As preparation is an important key, traditional memorization of music requires hours of practice. However, if you manage to follow some tips, you’ll be able to memorize your music quickly. Here are the top 3 great tips that will help you to memorize music.

Memorize Smaller Sections

One of the best ways to memorize the music quickly is by dividing the whole music into small sections. It’s an overwhelming as well as a hard task to memorize all the pages at once. Hence, memorizing the music by the smaller sections will help you to develop a more focused mindset. However, based on your capability, you should decide the length of each small section. It’s better if you look for phrases.

Instead of starting and stopping at awkward places at the music, make sure you split the piece by phrases. If the section is extremely difficult, consider memorizing it in even smaller sections. Once you’ve mastered it, don’t forget to rehearse so that the music can become a part of your memory.

Start from the End

Another great tip to memorize is by starting from the end of the music and working your way back towards the beginning of the music. Just like splitting the music into smaller sections, this technique is almost identical, but it’s been done in chronological order. You can move backward by measures or by phrasing. Make sure you enroll yourself in good music production courses in Mumbai to establish yourself as a successful musician.

This method is extremely effective because once you’re done memorizing a section; you’ll start performing it again and again. This way when you reach the beginning of the music, you would be rehearsed multiple times.

Visualize the Sheet Music

This tip is extremely effective for students who have a photographic memory. If you can visualize your sheet music in your mind, you’ll be able to remember every single detail meticulously.

Musicians should know that they have to memorize much more than just the notes. Apart from the lyrics, you also need to memorize repeats, time signatures, dynamics, codas, fingerings, tempos, crescendos, expression, and so much more. Even though all of these might seem a daunting task, if you manage to visualize the sheet music in your mind, you’ll be able to memorize these factors easily. However, if you still want to use this tip but don’t have a photographic memory, consider studying the music without tuning or singing. As per Classicfm, reading the music will help you to know the structure.


These are the top 3 tips that will allow you to memorize music properly. These three tips will enhance your memorization skills. However, don’t forget to experiment with the different memorization methods to find out the best approach for you.