Tom Boy – Wastecase

„“Wastecase” is a somewhat self-prophetic song. I was in the studio working with another songwriter while we were experiencing some internal issues with our former band CAIRO. Tour scheduling wasn’t lining up the way we wanted it to and, in my eyes, there were certain people to blame. My temper was out of control at that time – I was drinking on top of my doubts about CAIRO.


During that session, I felt so frustrated that we couldn’t all make things work. With all of the drama we had just dealt with on a recent tour, I was done. The band ended that night. A few weeks later, I went to LA where all of the weight I had been carrying fell off my shoulders. I was writing more freely than ever before, and I was envisioning the next project. I was envisioning Tom Boy.“

„We feel vindicated in having been able to move forward, and tell our truth about all the things that happened to us in our previous musical life. We portrayed ourselves as this squeaky-clean band – but underneath there was addiction, dependency, and a sort of preciousness that weakened our songwriting abilities. For some, “Wastecase” can serve as a breakup anthem or a song you crank up after quitting a job you’ve loathed for years – whatever it is, let it be cathartic!

Whether we crash and burn going forward as artists, well, that’s up to us now. But at least it’s in our hands.“