Things to Help You Stay Fit on a Cruise by Jennifer Hahn Masterson


Going on a cruise trip is all about adventure, pleasure, comfort, and certainly good food! Buffet spreads and all the free snacks you can eat is beyond tempting. On top of it all, you have no obligations except to sit back and relax and, of course, eat.

This is why it’s essential to stay fit while you’re on a cruise. It’s perfectly fine to indulge a bit and make the most of your trip, but you shouldn’t neglect your health and fitness. These are the things you can do that can help you stay fit while enjoying your cruise ship adventure.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

It’s certainly hard to resist the abundant food on a cruise ship because it’s literally everywhere. Drinks are overflowing too, although you need to pay additional charges for certain soda drinks and alcoholic beverages.

You can easily save on those extra expenses and avoid additional calories by not opting for that beverage package. In doing so, you won’t feel tempted to drink as much as you can. Rather, make an effort to enjoy basic healthier refreshments like water, fresh fruit juices, tea, and coffee.

Eat Mindfully

Eating mindfully doesn’t necessarily mean not being able to enjoy the buffet. On the contrary, the buffet is great as it offers a wide variety of food choices but it all comes down to making the right ones.

If you’re the breakfast type and you prefer a heavier morning meal, go for lean proteins, a minimal serving of carbs, and if you must have a dessert, choose something fresh and light. Eating more proteins at the beginning of the day will keep you feeling fuller longer, and eating fresh fruit for dessert means you’ll get satisfy your sweet tooth and get the necessary dietary fibre and other nutrients!

Quantity also matters, so you can taste a bit of everything, just make sure you don’t load your plates with the food you can’t even finish. This is not only wasteful, but it also prevents you from appreciating and enjoying the taste of the food you’re consuming.


Stay Active on Your Onshore Excursions

During your cruise trip, you will be spending quite a lot of your time onshore, and while tasting local cuisine is a must, don’t forget the importance of staying fit. There’s no need to worry – this only means you should stay as active as possible to burn off those extra calories. Walk as much as you can, go cycling if there’s an option and make sure you take part in those exciting Montague island tours where you can have the most unforgettable time whale watching, fishing, snorkelling with seals and going on guided tours of the local spots.

Hit the Ship’s Fitness Centre

You probably know that most cruise ships have their on-board gyms and a fitness centre. Many of them are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that you see in on-land gyms. Some even boast more luxurious additions such as saunas and spas.

Since using the gym equipment is free, you should make the most of this opportunity! There are typically fitness classes offered on-board that you can sign up for. If there’s something you’re particularly interested in, find out the schedule as soon as you arrive so you can easily plan your fitness activities into your daily itinerary.

Do Some Laps at the Swimming Pool

If you feel you’ve gotten too carried away at the buffet but you’re not quite the gym type, you can still work off and sweat off those calories doing laps at the swimming pool. Swimming is a full-body workout that exercises your arms, legs, core, back and brain since water is known to have therapeutic effects on the human psyche. Cruise ships always have more than one swimming pool, so pick the one with less crowd and enjoy a refreshing exercise on-board.

Staying fit while enjoying a dream cruise is absolutely possible. It will take conscious effort, but it’s something worth making. Being careful about what you eat and how much of it, and doing some exercise will keep you fit, improve your stamina, increase your energy level and leave you worry-free of any excess weight once you get back home to your daily routine.