The Story behind the Cover by Thelightarchitect

I made the cover for the famous italian stylist „filippo flocco“

The book is an autobiography of over 25 years of working in the fashion business and the translation name is „naked soul“.

I made this photoshoot experimenting my own personal technique, the shadoweaving, litteraly weaving the shadows around the light, trying trying and trying again till i had the perfect light.

I literally pulled out his naked body out of the shadows.

It’s a no fullnaked pic, even if the title would require it but i think that sometimes you have to see some parts and imagine the others, the book will help everyone see the other naked parts as they are written in a magnificent way. it took many rehersals because it must be perfect to my eyes, we worked together many days just to take out 1 picture, and was hard to choose the right one because at last i got 10 pictures to choose from, and as i said was really hard.

Im completely satisfied about this work because Filippo is first a dear friend and then a model.

The first print of the book will be available in italian only but in the future…who knows…

Luca Thelightarchitect Boschi

photographer  @thelightarchitect
model and book author @floccofilippo
book editor @ricercheeredazioni