„The Second Coming“ – shot by Ryan Stanford

This is the second collaboration amongst the three of us. Exactly one year ago I shot Joel for the first time when he visited LA from NYC. Guillermo saw some of our shots and wrote me a quick note. I was positively elated, and wrote back with my profuse thanks also mentioning that Joel was going back to NY. The idea of a shoot with both of them was snappily devised and we were all thrilled with the results. We have since all become friends and Guillermo and I have done several projects together before this second artistic threesome. The first theme was rather dark so for this time we went more colorful, more spontaneous and light-hearted. There is magic present when the three of us are together and these are the results!

Models: @guillermodiazreal Guillermo Diaz and @joelsomeonetramp Joel Someone

Photographer: @ryanstanfordphotography Ryan Stanford