The Accents – Life In a Video

„We wrote our latest song, “Life in a Video,” as we reflected on our journey so far as a band and as individuals. It’s all a tricky balance, when on some days we’re overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt, and other days we’re overflowing with confidence.  

Similar to the song’s lyrics, through the video we wanted to bring across both a curated professional perspective of us as a band, as well as a more personal and authentic perspective through the lens of a camcorder. With the visuals we tried to emphasise the contrast of both perspectives.

It is a fast paced world, yet it is essential to remember to do things in your own time. Don’t feel rushed to achieve a certain level of success or status because that’s what you’re seeing online. 

We’re still trying to figure out the balance between both and this song is just a small piece of the puzzle.

Thank you for spending time with our music“

The Accents