teamwork. x Loote x John K – „Wasted Summer“

With ‘Wasted Summer’teamwork. (Phil Bentley and Taylor Bird) explore the emotions behind that first great love. It’s a universal experience: love is lived in the moment and all that matters is being together. But transitioning into adulthood often means that reality gets in the way of the passion of youth. Suddenly those romantic ideals have evaporated and what remains can’t live up to that initial spark. The video is filmed through the lens of an Instagram Story.

„Wasted Summer is a song that we feel really reflects our experiences with the rush of an exciting relationship. We wanted the video to reflect what that felt like, and when the director Chris Grieder suggested the Instagram Story concept we knew it would be a great fit. The spontaneity and fun in the clips we felt really reflect what those emotions feel like in the moment” – explain teamwork.

“We wanted wasted summer to feel nostalgic, like looking through photographs and home movies. it felt right to have this story of two people together, through the lens of an Instagram story. You’re seeing it as if you’re friends with them, or looking back on memories, knowing it’s over now.” – John K

‘Wasted Summer’ is set in Hollywood, the epicentre for people who are dreaming big. He’s gone and she’s alone, but he’ll always be the first person that she escaped with. As the lyrics recall, “Mixing Adderall and two buck wine / On trains at Hollywood and Vine / First time that I called you mine / That wasted summer.”

.teamworkJohn K and Loote unite to make ‘Wasted Summer’ a captivating call and response. With an impulsive groove and a powerful hook, the trademark teamwork. musicality stands out. And there’s a striking surprise too in the shape of a guitar motif that bursts into life at the end of the second chorus.