Surrounded by the CYBER SHAMAN

Another installment of The CYBER SHAMAN is here!  The Cyber Shaman is here to convert you into a Techno  Machine.  Giving you serious classic retro Techono  Shaman’s House vol. V is the next volume of intense blend of Techno and House music by Cyber Shaman. This album is track after track of dance Hymns that will make you wanting for more.  Cyber Shaman puts all his skills and heart into a something that has that experimental feel but still will give you the  Shamanic teachings from the master of electro music.

With Cyber Shaman always be ready for new music.

Ken Langelier AKA CYBER SHAMAN puts the most intense banging beats that the scene has encountered.  From solo projects to collabs with 10 other producers on a single project  CYBER SHAMAN creates passion filled beats of House and HI NRG Fusion with hard jackin’ percussion amid deep bass lines  with dubstep Ambient Chill that will give you an orgasmic musical experience.