Stylish Backyard Ideas and Designs for 2022 by Patrick Adams

Source: Unsplash

Do you plan to spend more time in your backyard in the year to come? No matter whether you plan to spend your time there relaxing, reading a book, exercising, or throwing some barbecue parties with your loved ones, you’ll want the yard to look perfect before you head there. There are plenty of interesting options for your backyard remodelling. Depending on your yard size, budget, and time, you could opt for different ways to embellish it. Here are some of the design ideas that will be trendy, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

Green landscape

The best look for a backyard is the natural one. That is the tidiest possible look for any backyard – a green landscape. It’s perfect for large yards and it is a classic. You don’t have to worry about it going out of style and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it either.

This is also ideal if you don’t have much experience in the landscape. You won’t need much skill to create a beautiful design. It’ll be perfect for kids to run around or for you to have a cup of coffee or wine outside! Throw some plants and trees in as well to frame the yard and give it the final touch!

Plants, plants, plants

When it comes to low-maintenance natural elements, you can’t go wrong with plants. These are the best since they are so easy to grow and maintain. You can use them to create focal points, frame the yard, or simply decorate it.

You could start with some juniper shrubs and barberry. These are the simplest and then you can work your way to some more complicated plants. You may really get into this since taking care of plants is an addictive and rewarding activity.

Some shades

There is no comfort outside unless you find a way to control the sunlight. That is why creating some sort of shade is essential. You could invest in a pergola and solve this issue permanently. However, that isn’t the only solution.

If you’re looking for a simpler one, you could simply get some umbrellas. To have full control over temperature and sunlight, some affordable shade sails are the best. Apart from saving you money and bringing comfort to your backyard, they are also eco-friendly.

Rocks and water

Combining multiple natural elements might be a winning option when it comes to outdoor design. Specifically, you can combine earth, water, and fire in your backyard. A water feature is always trendy and it brings style and glamour into your home.

Whether it is a stream, a mini waterfall, or a swimming pool, it’s always a good idea. To keep the look grounded, you should play with some rocks and plants. If you have a little stream, make sure to place them alongside it. Finally, add a fireplace to make the look as soothing as possible.

Built-in seating options

There are plenty of outdoor seating options. It can be ultra-minimalist, made of weather-resistant materials, secluded, colourful, made of wrought iron, or personalized, among other things. Depending on the backyard, you could go for any of these that you like.

However, if you have a small backyard and you’re looking for ways to save space, built-in-furniture could be your best option. It’ll fit perfectly into your backyard and you could easily make it more comfortable with the right cushions and lighting! It will also bring layers to your backyard and make it a true paradise.


The New Year is around the corner. It’s the perfect time for changes. Your new backyard could be the oasis you need right now and following any of these tips will ensure a trendy, comfortable yard, you’ll be able to enjoy with your loved ones.