Stuart Knight shot by Nige Rorbach

Stuart is 24, and works as a Support Worker in Southampton City. We met via a networking site for the photography and modelling industry. He suffers from ADHD and finds it hard to stay in one place but as soon as that camera is on and pointed towards him it’s like the ADHD no longer exists.

From Stuart : Working with Nige is fun, he’s such a kind and caring person. When we are doing a shoot he’ll make sure I’m safe getting to and from the studio, he’ll make sure you have food and water and he’ll bring good energy into the studio with him. He’s understanding and he makes you feel super comfortable and confident, he is a great photographer and I love every photo he takes.

From me : I’ve known Stuart a few months now, and we’ve worked together a few times. He’s so professional and has an amazing attitude, I love the fact that we can bounce ideas off each other and a few times we’ve suggested the same thing at the same time which shows how in tune we are. Such a great friend too, and he’s a blast to have in the studio.

My aesthetic and goal with my imagery is to show the beauty of the male form, and bring in elements of style, fashion and editiorial. I love working with different types of guys, and one of the main things I try to do is give the model a safe, relaxed atmosphere. Somewhere they can feel comfortable and confident, and allow them freedom to express how they feel. I use the name Immortal Images, because that’s exactly what a photograph is, it’s immortal. That’s what I call my models, they are my Immortals.

Models name :Stuart Knight
Instagram: the_model_knight

Photographer name : Nige Rorbach

Instagram : @immortalimagesuk