Sports That Will Get You Ripped

For many people, working out is a pastime that helps eliminate stress and the worries of day to day living. Fitness is a great goal to strive for, and it seems the entire world is waking up to the possibilities over the last few years. If you are tired of the standard gym workouts and circuit drills, here are some great sports that are guaranteed to get you not only fit but actually ripped.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is an exceptionally physically demanding sport that is guaranteed to get you fit in no time. Encompassing every major muscle group, the sport is the pinnacle of functional strength. The strategy for most fighters in this sport is to get to the leanest body fat percentage possible, while still maintaining their strength and stamina. Regardless if you pick up the sport for enjoyment or have serious aspirations, through the intense workouts and sparring you will certainly develop an impressive physique.

Petr Yan is a great example of a fighter that favors athletic ability and cardio over bulk and strength. Fighting in the 135lb division, he needs to maintain a lean physique year-round to compete. With his skills and athletic drive, honed through strenuous MMA workouts, Yan is easily the -280 favorite against Marlon Moraes in his upcoming fight. You can see numerous examples like this throughout MMA and other combat sports like boxing. It’s important to remember, you don’t have to fight to train in martial arts, and if your goal is to burn calories and get as lean as possible, the full-body workouts of MMA might be the best option for you.

Rock Climbing

Instead of being cooped up in a gym all day, working out in the sunshine can be an amazing change of pace that instills new motivation and drive. Rock climbing is a fantastic sport to consider, and the physical benefits are incredibly underrated. Not only is this sport adventurous and will get your adrenaline pumping, it will also leave you with an incredible physique if you get serious about it. Essentially, rock climbing is a bodyweight exercise, boosting strength but not building mass, meaning you will get lean and ripped. It will help build your endurance, agility, and certainly your forearm and grip strength. In addition, rock climbing is a great social activity that you can enjoy with your friends. You will get ripped and have some memorable times outside in nature.


Gymnastics is easily one of the most overlooked sports that can give you an incredible physique to be proud of. It is a well-known fact that gymnasts have the greatest core strength and the most defined abdominal muscles. Through working out with rings, you will also build very powerful and noticeable biceps. As gymnastics trainers will tell you, this sport helps build flexibility, agility, and stamina, meaning it is great for all-around health and fitness. As a bodyweight based program, you will have defined muscles and a lean body fat percentage. Be warned, however, while the benefits cannot be overstated, gymnastics are certainly not easy and will push you out of your comfort zone.


There’s so much glamour and mystique surrounding the world of surfing. When you hear about the sport, it’s natural to instantly picture the amazing summertime weather, tanning on the beach, and the relaxing waves. Don’t be fooled however, surfing is an incredibly demanding sport that is certain to help you get ripped in no time. Everyone knows that swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise, but few have considered that when you are laying on your surfboard, you are essentially swimming with just your arms. This makes for an exhausting workout as you may paddle for the equivalent of miles in just one surf session.

In surfing, you need to master the technique known as the “pop up.” This technique is where you jump up onto the board from a prone position, essentially using a lot of abdominal strength. When you are riding the waves, you are also using an incredible amount of energy focused on your core muscles. The result is a workout that gets you shredded and will leave you with a six-pack that others will be envious of. While you may pick up surfing for the exercise, you may end up with an incredible group of friends and a fun hobby that turns into a way of life!