Solomun links up with Isolation Berlin on new single ‘Kreatur der Nacht’

“As a child of the 80s I had wanted to make a track with this special feeling for a long time, one which is playing with the punk and new wave appeal of that time,” Solomun explains. “So I was very happy that the band Isolation Berlin and I got together last year and the track ‘Kreatur der Nacht’ was born.”, Solomun says.

The industrial aesthetic is further accentuated by the accompanying official video, shot by Golden Globe-winning director and producer Fatih Akin (Aus dem Nichts, 2017). He mentions: “Mladen (Solomun) mixes his signature contemporary Sound with the New Wave of the early 80s, that also shaped me. Artefacts of this culture repeatedly appear in my work.” He adds: “That’s why it was a huge gift for me to be able to have a go at this epic track, visually and narratively. It is the Solomun just the way I love and cherish him, who gave me the chance to personally express myself here.”