Smart Ways to improve our mental health by Lena Hemsworth


Society is only now waking up to the importance of mental health, especially when it comes to men. Notions of toxic masculinity are no longer tolerated or considered valid, allowing you to finally achieve your true potential through proper mental health practices. Keeping up your mental hygiene is a lot of hard and constant work, but it isn’t impossible. As well as that, it gets easier over time as you learn more about yourself and how you function. Every man should work on improving their mental health to ensure a happier and more fulfilling life. If you don’t know how to start, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Spend time alone

Some alone time will do you a world of good, regardless of how extroverted you are. In a busy world of today, we often forget just how good it feels to unwind by ourselves. Just think about it. You’re constantly with people and constantly taking in a lot of information. There’s only so much a person can handle. When you’re on your own, you get to reflect on your own feelings and thoughts without worrying about anyone else for a change.
Just an afternoon by yourself, or even just sipping your morning coffee alone, can improve your relationship with yourself greatly. There’s nothing you can’t do when you understand your own thoughts and feelings. Plus, there’s no better feeling in the world than actually being comfortable with yourself.

2. But, don’t forget your friends


Even though spending time alone is beneficial for the reasons above, being with your friends can also help with your mental health. Spending time with other people shows us that we have something in common with other people. It shows us that our problems aren’t uniquely ours and that others have managed to solve them. This can give us the motivation and tactics we need to solve those problems by ourselves.

As well as that, being with your friends gives you the support you need. Whether it’s going out for a drink or having a heart-to-heart, you’ll feel more understood and less alone in the world.

3. Keep up with your nutrition

The food you eat can greatly influence how your brain works. Eating regularly and eating healthy ensures your brain is working properly and makes life much easier to handle. You know how angry and stressed people get just because they’re hungry and how quickly those symptoms go away. Now imagine feeling like that all the time. If your life problems seem impossible to handle right now, you may just need to make some dietary changes.
Eating five small meals a day has proven to be the best method for maintaining weight and achieving optimal brain function. For more focus and mental energy, cut down on unhealthy fats, empty calories, and sugar. Instead, add more fruits, veggies, and nuts.

4. See a therapist

It’s about time we broke the stigma of only mentally ill people seeing therapists. Going to a therapist will help you discover issues you didn’t know you had and help you deal with those you’ve been struggling with. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, it simply shows you care about your mental hygiene.

A therapist can help you get to know yourself and the world around you better. As well as that, they can teach you proper techniques to handle yourself and your life. You’ll be much more content with yourself, more confident, and more ready to take on every new challenge. On top of all this, talking to a therapist may finally feel like someone understands you, as this person has truly seen it all and knows how to recognize whatever you’re going through.

5. Stay hydrated


Drinking enough water is the key to staying awake, alert, and mentally stable. Such a simple thing can improve your life and mental health so much. If you take care to drink enough water daily, you’ll improve your bodily and cognitive function. Your body thrives off water, even if it seems like it’s only making you go to the bathroom more often.
You should always have a water bottle with you so that you don’t ever have to put up with the feeling of being thirsty. Once you start drinking water regularly, you’ll notice you feel more energized and that it’s easier to think and focus.

6. Self-care? Self-care!

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to practice self-care. Your skin, hair, and body deserve some love too. Pampering yourself relaxes you in a way you didn’t think was possible. Self-care products aren’t meant for just women. Therefore, nothing is stopping you from buying that fragrant body cream, using that exotic facemask, and trying out the bath bomb you always wanted.

Getting rid of stress and pampering yourself will greatly improve your mood but also your mental health. It will finally give you the rest you need, as well as allow you to focus on how your body feels for a change. On top of all of this, you’ll be breaking the stigma of men not being allowed to practice self-care, which can only make you more fierce and confident.

7. Let yourself cry


Emotions, no matter how dangerous they seem, can’t hurt you. Letting yourself cry doesn’t make you any less manly or amazing. It helps you get rid of frustrations and negative emotions that have been bothering you for days, weeks, months, or years. Crying means finally letting all of those things go and cleansing yourself from negativity. After you cry, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and life seems much easier to handle.

Some men don’t cry for years because they’ve been taught that crying is only for girls. This stumps their emotional growth and can even lead to problems with aggression. Letting your emotions be and letting yourself feel can only make you more human. Watch a sad movie, listen to a song that makes you emotional, or simply sit in a silent room by yourself and let the tears come. The only true way to better mental health is to let your emotions be what they are.

8. Travel somewhere

Changing your location can be very good for your mental health, especially if you haven’t traveled anywhere in a while. This is because changing our geographical location allows us to step out of the frame that is our life and see the whole picture. In other words, when you spend too much time in a certain place, you become too subjective and have trouble seeing things from a different perspective.

Travelling can help you break your patterns of thinking and open your mind up to other possibilities about your life. As well as that, you’ll experience a lot of new things when you travel, meaning that you’ll get to discover new and exciting things about the world and yourself.

9. Exercise


Exercising is one of the best paths to a stronger mind. Whether you’re doing something light or enjoying an intense workout, you’re not letting stress and frustrations build-up in your body. As well as that, you’re encouraging the body to produce serotonin and dopamine, which ultimately makes you happier and more satisfied with life.

The problem is that most modern men are simply too busy to exercise. A smart way to handle this issue is to take up an activity you can implement into your already established routine. The perfect example of this is cycling. With just one visit to experts like Bikes Online or anyone with the same level of quality, you’ll have a brand-new bike you can use to commute. There’s no need to set aside special hours for working out any longer.

10. Rest physically and mentally

The matter of the fact is, most men today are simply tired. With such chaotic lifestyles, it’s only natural to feel physically and mentally exhausted. Giving your body and mind the rest they need ensures you have enough energy to keep handling life adequately. This means that you should make sure to have enough sleep each night and that you should take naps when you feel tired. Don’t put other errands and work before sleep, as you’ll only end up burning out.

As far as mental rest is concerned, you should always take care to do the things that interest you and make you feel refreshed mentally. Whether it’s reading or watching your favorite show, you simply need time to do something unproductive and mentally soothing.


Being a man has never been easy, and things aren’t that much different today. There’s a lot of pressure from society to be a certain way, but luckily, people are opening up to diversity and accepting differences instead of ridiculing them. Thus, the image of the perfect man is changed and expanded to fit all sorts of body and personality types. No matter what anyone says, keep working on improving your mental health, and remember there’s no wrong way to be human.