Shaun Covington – Top Model Interview

Name: Shaun Covington

Instagram?: arashi_supanova

Location?: Los Angeles

Agency?: theFstate

Height?: 6’0 FT

How did you get into the fashion industry?:

It pretty much got into me

What are some of your hobbies?:

Music, fitness, travel, reading

What is a song you would recommend listening to that we might not have heard before?:

IDK….by Willow

Describe your personal style?:

Its very much street fashion. I’m from Harlem, a bit of a hippie, but love unique clothes and effortless style like Japanese fashion

Who or what influences your style?:

The Color blue and Japanese anime street fashion

What brands, designers or labels do you love to wear? :

Fell in love with Cotemer because I love a good Jacket. LOVE layers.

If your life was a song what would the name of the title track be?:

Fire and Desire

What is the best thing about where you live and what do you enjoy doing the most in your city?:

I love the beauty of the mountains and the depth of the sky. I love hiking during a sunset.

What is your guilty pleasure?:

Instagram memes

Do you have any hidden talents?:

I’m secretly really funny, people don’t know that yet.

Why do you usually get online and what are you looking for when you get online?:

I’m either scrolling tumblr or watching YouTube, mainly.