Saxsyndrum – New Tune, New Video: „Let Go“

The basis of Saxsyndrum is just that: saxophone, synthesis and drums.

„Our sophomore album, Second Nature, took about four years to make. Somewhere in the middle, we had added AP as a vocalist and we subsequently spent a lot of time trying to figure out who we were as a band and what roles each of us would play.

“Let Go” was one of the last songs we wrote and it was interesting how quickly it all seemed to come together. By the time we started working on this tune, we all had a very clear sense of what strengths we each brought to Saxsyndrum. The songwriting process then became much more intrinsic, more second nature. We had let go of our past overthinking and simply played, allowing us to put our emotions and states of mind directly into the piece. The resulting tune has a candid energy that really captures the at-times meditative process of songcraft and the spirit of our live performance.