Saint’s new EP „Lucid“ + exclusive Interview

Hello, thank you for your time, please introduce yourself in a few words!

Whats up, I’m SAINT

My team at MKRecords and I create conscious music with a taste of hiphop, drill, trap & chill step to suit certain tracks depending on the emotion & message. This is our genre we call “Revolutionary Rhythm”. 


Please give us an update about – new single, new album, tour dates, new videos?!

My latest 5 track EP titled LUCID released on all major digital platforms worldwide including

I named the EP LUCID because all of the original tracks I was going to put on there had a lot to take in and could seem in your face a little to much to handle but after a lot of thinking on it and talking with my team at MusicalKillah Records, It was decided to switch it up, still having  some woke tracks on there like Distant Dreams, Changes and my favourite No More, but also some fun ones that people can relate to like: Adrenaline and Back Then!

All 5 tracks have lyric videos available on both channels as follows:



1 – Adrenaline:

When I first came up with the hook for adrenaline, I was in the recording studio at MKRecords with my producer PsyRo and he showed me the instrumental while telling me he hasn’t come up with a name for it yet but urged me to listen… I Listened and within 10 minutes I had the chorus written with the first 4bars into the first verse. PsyRo was hyped and I felt the energy too so I went home and finished the track while thinking about all the things that makes me buzz ie making music and how I can implement that feeling into a song while using metaphors to make it be relatable to almost anything. When your having an adrenaline rush your heart rate tends to be around 120bpm which is why in the hook I say “120 on the heart rate just for fun but are you gunna to live your life as redundant” Meaning if you want to do it just do it, don’t let fear hold you back because if you do your life is already redundant! Make it count sort of thing. Also got my friend Leomie Knowles to do some light vocals for me to brighten up the hooks so a big shout out to Leomie.

2 – Back Then:

I love this track! It is what it says on the tin… This track is about the things we use to get up to as a kid growing up. You know that feeling when you think back to when you was a teenager and got into trouble doing this and that? Yet it still makes you smile thinking about the memories and freedom of worries we had. I feel I achieved this really well here and PsyRo at MKRecords definitely helped me capture the perfect sound to suit.

3 – Changes:

Ever felt like you see the world completely different to everyone else? 

Have you ever thought that everyday accepted things to do in society is “Demonic” so to speak! (Not being religious on anyone here)  

Do you know words are spells? That’s why they’re called spellings! In this realm we are gods… We have the power to make our thoughts a reality! This is incredible yet, if you forget your true power and you focus on negative then your power will empower those negative energies and to me it feels like sometimes the world is stuck in that loop, but I’m doing what I can do make a change and create waves of energy with messages making those listening to those messages start to question their life and make a change for the better. love is everything as is unity and universally achievable with belief, faith and knowledge! In an age of the internet ignorance is a choice! 

I heard a track by Easy Mac called Monster and he has his lyrics deepened and automated. I thought it sounded really cool so I showed PsyRo and said this would be the perfect finishing touch for changes and we came up with what you hear today which instead of making the main vocals deeper we kept the main vocals normal because I’m not a fan of autotune and had the deeper vocals as adlibs placed under the main vocals.

4 – Distant Dreams

This track is basically about my Dreams/Goals and what I do to to get there ie who I surround myself with, Write only about what I see and My thought process/belief of the power of words and its only a matter of time until my words become reality and my team and I are successful in the music industry.

5 – No More

This is my favourite track on the EP!

No More is about seeing a lot of wrong in the world and reading about so much evil going on yet people are silent and the ones that aren’t silent are seen as conspiracy theorists yet the evidence is there if you look but because most don’t look and are still programmed they attack like agent smith attacking Neo in the movie The Matrix.

We want No More suffering…

We want No More violence…

No more do we want to be leaded by the blind who seems to sell their people for greed although not their freedoms/rights to sell…

We want No More lies spreading across the globe and any media/news/government outlet that makes a claim or statement must have evidence/proof of their claims instead of just making a claim and deceiving the mass that it is gospel truth by the way of using clever wording. [Remember… Words are spells] 

A sign/symbol with no one standing behind it is just a sign/symbol but a sign/Symbol with people standing behind it is a movement with meaning and authority. This song is a sign/symbol of freedom, love, self governance and much more with people standing behind the message making it a movement with meaning!

Name 5 things we all should know about you as an artist?!


An artist with an objective. His powerful vision, paired with his diversity on the mic is a force to be reckoned with. 


Lyrically diverse. Spends a lot of time researching and reading articles and gathering up information before deciphering everything in own way to put into words that captivate audience.


The point in the name Saint is because I felt my whole life I was here for a reason and to help in someway, I have always felt different and see things differently and I try and share how I see certain things through my music, plus I don’t swear in my lyrics! 


Different in many ways to other artists simple because of political views so to speak and the spin on things with a strong passion to bring a better tomorrow for the children of today as that is what inspires me most to share my music.


Engaged and has a 17month old son called Leo-Ellis:Derham initials L.E.D because he’s the light of my life. 

Speaking of family I want to help other open minded upcoming artists grow with the help from my family/Record label MusicalKillah Records aka MKRecords.

What fashion style or brand would best describe your music?

No particular brand in mind to be honest as my music it versatile. I mean I don’t just adopt one belief/Style as the universe doesn’t work like that, I adapt and try to be as multicultural as possible. So I guess I would say a little of all styles & brands would describe my music, it just depends on how I’m feeling at the time and what colours those feelings are. I must admit I do like the simple white t-shirt and black bomber jacket with black jeans and white shoes/trainers and sometime with a white hat or switch up the white colours for red. 

I trust that answers the question as that really is my best & honest answer.

Do you have bad habits? A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?

I always seem to get lost in my creations, researching etc… Before I know it, the day is over and I haven’t spent enough time with my family, this seems to happen more than regular and is something I need to learn to balance but creating music is my addiction. 

Beside music, do you have any special talents?

This is actually a difficult one to answer because if I could slightly re-phrase the question and say besides music what else do you do then my answer would be: I’ve started learning video editing & design which I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy it, but besides writing songs, recording lyrics & building a record label you know as MusicalKillah Records aka MKRecords & grow as an artist. Music really is my addiction so its all I ever do but I do frequently invest in the stock market so when I’m not creating music etc then I check out companies that could lead us into a better age and support that idea.

Being on stage feels like….!

Adrenaline… The best way I can describe the feeling I get when on stage is Adrenaline. It’s empowering!! I feel like this superpower enhances x100 and I turn into some super being, its exciting being myself while sharing my creations. It gives me a feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that others have allowed my work to become a part of their reality by being there and listening.

Must Have – and No-Go in your Wardrobe! – Favourite Fashion Brand and Fragrance?

Must have: Great quality plain or basic white, black and red t-shirts, long sleeves, turtle necks. 

Black/Dark Blue nice fitting jeans with some white, black stylish jackets and furry coats with white, red, black, blue, shoes/trainers.

No-go: If it’s not me or feels uncomfortable then it won’t be in my wardrobe.

A question you’d like to answer, but never been asked in an interview before?! + Answer pls“

What is it like to be a dad and does your child show interest in music?

My answer to this is: 

Being a dad is the greatest feeling in the world, my son Leo is about to turn 17 months old and I’m not just saying it because I am his father but he is going to be a very bright boy because of how conscious of everything he was and is already. He loves the piano and it always brings a smile to his face although most of the time he’s smiling anyway. 

I trust our plans in life will succeed and I will give my son and family the life they deserve.