Ryan Dudley shot by Markus Brehm Photography

„My name is Markus Brehm and I am an Oxford, UK based, Photographer. I was born in Germany and started my career there as a chef; I moved to the US in the early 90’s and then back to Europe in 2003. I settled in the UK and now live in Oxford, England. I am a passionate traveler. My love for photography has been growing with me over time. I started in my early 20’s exploring the world through my lens. My initial interest was in taking images of landscapes and architecture. I  then developed an eye for street and travel photography as my images were capturing the people, the scents and colours of everywhere I have been. I travelled a lot in North America, Latin America, South Africa, the Middle East and all over Europe. My images captured the passionate street musicians amongst the crowds, the shop keepers having a cigarette and a chat and the older ladies waiting at the bus stop. I received a few commissions for images for advertising and local businesses and one day I was approached by a local model about a fashion shoot. I was very hesitant as it was not my thing…however after one photoshoot I was hooked. Since then I have worked with male models and from all over the world. My work was recognised and published internationally.
Male photography has a very small market niche; I feel it is still not as appreciated and this gives me the drive to do more. I am one of a few photographers in Oxford, who specialises in Male Photography.  I love images that people could relate to…you do not have to be a super model. Any man can be a model. I hope my images inspire people to embrace their look.  Outstanding images tell the story of the average everyday man and their own unique style and interests.
My work has been described as ‘raw and simple’ and has been internationally published.  A portrayal of the strength of masculinity is what I want to communicate through my art.  I also love to show the softer side of my models by incorporating images with nature infusions brought into a studio shoot.  I draw inspiration from life, am passionate about what I do and never lose sight of what’s important to me.
It’s not just a portrait or a fashion photoshoot, if you want to be photographed by Markus Brehm, then expect to be covered in rose petals, butterflies, sea shells and body paint…and I bet you will be pleased with the result.

The featured images are of Ryan Dudley, a fitness and nutrintional coach from Leeds, Yorkshire. Ryan is one of the inspirational men I had the privilege of working with. Ryan changed his career over a year ago to pursue his passion in fitness and personal training. He currently helps a lot of motivated men and women pursue a healthy lifestyle and loves every minute of it. This was Ryan’s first ever professional fashion and modelling photoshoot. We loved working together and he felt comfortable in my home studio.“

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