Regulus Red – „High Price“

Regulus Red continues his journey bringing us the another Pop stomper along with its official Video.

Having only been introduced to the world this February 2020 with debut song Ghoster gaining over 62,000 streams and premiering on Wonderland Magazine, the young half Welsh, half Italian fiery singer songwriter, Regulus Red brings us another heavily produced Pop stomper in ‘High Price’ which really shows what he has in mind for the future and what to expect from the upcoming debut EP out early this year.

On a mission to spread the love of the LGBT community and the word POP, Regulus is so far on the right track after the success of his debut single gaining over 60,000 streams on many different pop UK and USA playlists and premiering on Wonderland Magazine with features on Twisted Male Magazine, Fortitude, Vents, BuzzMusic and a one page feature coming in Rollacoaster Magazine March Print issue.

High Price was written by Regulus and produced by production team Future Humans and is about ‘fighting against your nemesis, never backing down and enjoying life in the midst of the battle of life! It’s knowing what you’re worth and screaming it’.

The extravagant young artist, once identified as a reckless daydreamer, writes music from his own perspective and channels it through his musical inspirations such as Lorde, Mika, P!nk, Troye Sivan, Madonna and of course Lady Gaga. Artists that are not afraid to be themselves and write music true to them and their experiences. With the LGBT right by his side and with Edith Piaf in mind he embodies equal measures of femininity and masculinity, and knows that we should all have self worth, as we’re certainly all equal in every way.

Like a lot of artists, he waited tables in the daytime in Barcelona, Spain and would write lyrics at night. Biking to solitary rocky spots on the beach and gazing at the dark blue horizon one song led to another until he realized that what we had was more than just a lonely hobby: he would close his eyes and picture melodies and lyrics making love at once right in front of him. After two years of honing his skills, he has now written more than 45 complete songs.

Before music, Red trained as an actor appearing in many plays before finding more ways to express himself and going on to train as a dancer for many years and more specifically in ballet when he lived in Rome and Paris.